News and events

News and events

News & Events for 2019

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August 2019

Sydney Science Week, 2019

13th August: Our Lively and knowledgeable Final Year Student Interns actively engaged & demonstrated basic chiropractic skills involving Balance, Proprioception, and All Things Anatomy at this years 'Science in the City' event hosted at the Australian Museum! (#ScienceWeek2019):

Chiro Team at Science Week 2019 Sydney Science Week

Open Day 2019

Saturday 17th August, Macquarie University

Department of Chiropractic:

10.30am:  Theatrette 100, 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue
1pm:         Theatrette 100, 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue

Lab Tours: 
11am:       11 Wally's Walk, Level 3, Chiropractic Labs
1.30pm:    11 Wally's Walk, Level 3, Chiropractic Labs

Advising Table: 10am - 3pm Graduation Hall, 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue

Open Day 2019

Redfern Indigenous Science Experience

18th August @ Redfern Community Centre, City of Sydney

Koori Rugby League Knockout Cup, Central Coast

4th- 7th October at the Central Coast Regional Sporting & Recreation Complex in Tuggerah

Research Seminar Series

Throughout the year the Department of Chiropractic holds research seminars, which are open to Macquarie University students, staff, alumni and members of the wider community. The research seminar series provides a platform for stimulating new ideas, knowledge translation, and research collaboration. International Guest Speakers, Industry Professionals and Academics in the Department of Chiropractic will showcase their ongoing research.

Date/ Time




Tuesday 26th Feb, 2019
3- 4pm

11 Wallys Walk, Rm 320- Chiropractic Labs

Dr André Bussierès

(DC, FCCS (C), MSc, PhD)
l’Universitédu Québec à Trois-Rivièresand

Implementation Research in Chiropractic- Where should we go next?

Tuesday 26th Feb, 2019
3- 4pm

11 Wallys Walk, Rm 320- Chiropractic Labs

Dr André Bussierès

(DC, FCCS (C), MSc, PhD)
l’Universitédu Québec à Trois-Rivièresand

Clinical Practice Guidelines:

See link for Prof Bussierès' Presentation*:
(~13 mins)

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Tuesday 30th April, 2019
9 Wallys Walk, Rm 108Dr Michael Swain

Dr Hazel Jenkins

Dr Matthew Fernandez
5th World Federation of Chiropractic Biennial Congress &
78th European Chiropractors' Union Convention
Tuesday 28th May, 2019
4 WR, Rm 334Dr Joshua TwiggsBiomechanics of the knee: planning knee replacement surgery
Tuesday 26th June, 2019
12 SW, Rm 430A/ Prof Goran Štrkalj"A Global Geography of Body Acquisition for Anatomy Education: Issues, Challenges and Prospects"

Tuesday 30th
July, 2019

17 Wally's Walk, 209TBAPresentations for the upcoming COCA conference
Tuesday 27th August, 201917 Wally's Walk, 209Department StaffShowcase of the Department Research for Future M/Res Projects
Tuesday 29th
October, 2019
17 Wally's Walk, 209Georgia McWhinneyThe state of medicine c1900 and its possible influence on the development of heterodox medicine such as chiropractic
Tuesday 19th November, 2019
9WW, 102 theatretteProfessor Alice KongstedMusculoskeletal Research in Children and Primary Care - Potential for Collaboration

*Note: The views and opinions expressed in the presentations provided above are those of the creators and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Macquarie University

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