Master of Research

Master of Research

Details and Enrolment

Year 1

Unit Session Unit Details
HDR700 Academic communications Not available Not available
BIOL700 Research Frontiers 1 (Biology) S1 Day
S2 Day
Unit Details
BIOL711 Topics in Evolution S1 Day Unit Details
BIOL799 Advanced Research Topics in Biology S1 Day
S2 Day
Unit Details
BIOL760 Biology in the 21st century S1 Day
S2 Day
Unit Details
12 cp of advanced specialists units

Year 2

32 Credit points, where students will specialise in research preparation and experience. In particular, students will

  • Extend their knowledge of research innovations in their discipline
  • Survey the current literature related to their particular research interest
  • Study the latest research methods in their field
  • Plan a major research project
  • Receive training in project Management
  • Complete a significant individual research pilot project of their own design

How to Apply

  • Mid-year enrolments are not available.
  • Enrolments are due in October for commencement in February of the following year.

Application Information


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