The Scoop a Poop team

The Scoop a Poop team

The Scoop a Poop team is led by Associate Professor Michelle Power from the Department of Biological Sciences. Michelle researches the ecology and evolution of host parasite interactions and the spread of human-derived pathogens to wildlife. The Scoop a Poop project and other projects in Michelle’s research group use a One Health framework, recognizing that the pathogen cycle involves movement of potential disease causing organisms between humans, domesticated animals and wildlife.

The Project Coordinator for Scoop a Poop is Dr Koa Webster, a postdoctoral fellow in Michelle’s research group. Please contact Koa if you would like to get involved in the project: phone (02) 9850 6289 or email

Also in the research team is Professor Michael Gillings, an evolutionary biologist with a long-standing interest in the molecular evolution of antibiotic resistance.

The team also includes collaborators from other institutions. Associate Professor Clare McArthur from the University of Sydney ( is an ecologist who studies possums and their behaviour in the urban landscape. Dr Peter Harlow is a terrestrial ecologist and the Taronga Conservation Society’s ambassador for citizen science projects (

This project is funded by a Citizen Science grant from the “Inspiring Australia – Science Engagement Programme”, awarded by the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science.

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