1. I have a kit but I can’t remember how to do the collection! How do I safely collect possum poop?

    Follow the instructions that came with your kit, or download the pdf. You can also view the instruction video:

    There are also instructions on how to collect your sample in the Scoop a Poop mobile app.

    Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after collecting the sample.

  2. I have a kit but I can’t remember what possum poop looks like. How do I identify possum poop?

    Here is a sample photograph of brushtail possum poop. It is typically 2-3 cm long with rounded ends.

    (Image credit: Macquarie University/Jo Stephan)

    Ringtail possum poop is shorter and rounder than brushtail poop. Here are some models of both brushtail and ringtail poop, made out of playdough:

    (Image credit: Koa Webster)

  3. I don’t have a kit but I would like to collect a sample for this project. How can I get involved?

    We work with schools and community groups rather than individuals. Your group can be as small as 20 people or as large as several hundred. You can download an information flyer. Then ask your teacher or group leader to get in touch with Dr Koa Webster ( or or call (02) 9850 6289).

  4. My school or community group would like to get involved, but we aren’t in Sydney. Can we still participate?

    Yes! Scoop a Poop is not restricted to Sydney. We are committed to expanding Scoop a Poop to regional NSW in 2018-19 and a minimum of two other states in 2019-20. Please contact Dr Koa Webster on (02) 9850 6289 or and we will work out the logistics for your group to participate.

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