Scoop a Poop

Scoop a Poop

Scoop a Poop is a citizen science project coordinated by scientists from Macquarie University, in collaboration with Taronga Zoo and the University of Sydney.

Scoop a Poop enables citizen scientists to contribute to the global fight against antibiotic resistance. We want you to help us out by collecting possum poop!

In this video, Associate Professor Michelle Power and Professor Michael Gillings explain the problem of antibiotic resistance, how it gets into the wild, and why we are interested in possum poop.

If you are collecting possum poop for us, please download the Scoop a Poop app from the App Store or Google Play:

Download on the App Store

We will analyse the poop in our laboratory to look for antibiotic resistance genes. If you used the Scoop a Poop app during your sample collection, you can check your sample results in the app. Results from all the samples tested are available every few months on our Results page, which will be available from December 2018.

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