Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences

Our commitment to research-led teaching ensures our students graduate with a broad base in contemporary biological thought and a passion for lifelong learning.

The Department of Biological Sciences is a vibrant community of teachers, researchers, professional staff and students working across a wide range of disciplines including animal behaviour, climate change, conservation, ecology, evolution, genetics and genomics, paleobiology and physiology.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses in biology, environmental and medical sciences provide strong foundations for a diversity of career paths. Our students learn about the latest advances in biological theory and are equipped with practical hands-on experience and research skills throughout their undergraduate and postgraduate studies, the PACE program, and the Master of Research and PhD programs.

We think theory is just the beginning, and emphasise enquiry-based practical laboratory and field-based sessions, including summer internships, conducted within our excellent teaching and research facilities. The department’s teaching and research assets include:

  • world-class digital labs for teaching,
  • outstanding newly updated labs and glasshouses for plant growth experimentation,
  • a modern sea water facility for conducting experiments in marine systems,
  • a large fauna park allowing observational studies of animals in natural environments, and
  • a range of cutting-edge molecular biology research laboratories.

The department also houses a large collection of biological specimens in its arboretum, gardens, herbarium and discovery centre that are used for teaching and community engagement. Our close proximity to Lane Cove National Park and the Macquarie Ecology Reserve also means that students can undertake practical work in the field, ensuring they develop valuable skills and problem-solving abilities, just a short walk from campus. We have strong industry research and teaching collaborations with leading bodies including Taronga Conservation Society, Australian Museum, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, CSIRO and a wide range of industry, ensuring our teaching and research are world-leading and industry-relevant.

The Department of Biological Sciences is a diverse and inclusive work and study environment. To learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion, please follow this link.

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