Study with us

Study with us

Research training with real world impact

Applied Biosciences offers excellent opportunities for ambitious higher degree seeking students interested in working on some of the most important scientific challenges.

Our students have access to world class laboratory and field facilities and work closely with our partners in academia, industry, and government; building valuable professional networks to launch their careers.

PhD and Master of Research (MRes)

Students wishing to study with us can apply to directly enter the 3 year PhD program or first complete a 2 year Master of Research (MRes). Some students with prior postgraduate training may be able to enter directly into the second year of the MRes. More information about the application process can be found here. Or download our MRes program flyer.

Cotutelle PhD training

Macquarie University offers options for Cotutelle PhD training to facilitate collaborations with partner universities around the world. Students pursuing this avenue will spend time engaged in research at both universities and receive a doctorate from each institution. More information about Cotutelles can be found here.

Feel free to contact Dr Maciej Maselko if you have any other questions about studying with us.

Current HDR students


  • Md. Jamil Hossain Biswas - Incorporating sterile insect technique in Integrated Pest Management programs
  • Angel Popa Baez - The Genetics of fruit fly domestication
  • Jess Inskeep - The behaviour of fruit flies and its implications for integrated pest management
  • Rajib Majumder - Dynamics of fruit fly microbiome under changes in host environment
  • Saleh Adnan - Dietary methoprene and yeast hydrolysate as pre-release supplements for fruit fly sterile insect technique
  • Tahereh Moadeli - Improved larval diets for fruit fly mass rearing
  • Sushil Kumar Gaire - Developing quality control metrics for mass-reared insects
  • Jason Shadmany - Remating propensity and consequences for sterile insect technique programs
  • Vivek Kemparaju - Bioprospecting for novel insect repellents from natural enemies
  • Shirleen Shomila Prasad - Molecular and phenotypic analysis of stress tolerance in mass reared insects
  • Khandaker Asif Ahmed - Improving mating induced sexual inhibition for sterile insect technique
  • Cynthia Castro Vargas - Mating performance of insects for sterile insect technique programs
  • Michael Clark - Development of base-editor pest population control system


  • Kate Tepper - Screening heterologously expressed bioremediative enzymes in animals
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