Women in STEM Scholarship Fund

Women in STEM Scholarship Fund


You could make a world of difference to 10 bright, young women who are passionate about STEM.

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Here at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, we want to make sure our doors are open to all young people. And we want to make sure that those with a real aptitude for our field aren’t hindered by societal or financial challenges.

That’s why we’re addressing the need to encourage more young women into our courses. Because a multifaceted approach to the global challenges we are working on needs everyone’s involvement.

People like Sophie – a driven, dedicated and intelligent student who, without financial help, would be unable to stay the course. A recipient of a Macquarie University Faculty of Science and Engineering Scholarship, Sophie says it has “helped incredibly”. The financial support reduced her stress, and lessened the pressure she felt to work long hours, taking time away from her studies.

Even better, the scholarship has helped her to become financially independent, and feel rewarded for her aptitude in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). It has made a huge difference to her self-esteem, her ability to pursue her chosen careers and her future.

Your kind donation will help 10 other young women, like Sophie, and make a positive difference to a whole new generation of women in STEM.

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Your donation to the Women in STEM Scholarship Fund will help identify exceptional young students in STEM, break down the barriers to more women fulfilling their academic ambitions, and make sure that those who need to be financially supported to make their decision to study are provided for.

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