Vivek Gupta

Vivek Gupta

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Vivek Gupta

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science

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Tel: (02) 9850 2760


Level 1, 75 Talavera Road, Macquarie University

Dr. Gupta is a vision scientist and neurobiologist with a research focus on identifying the mechanisms underlying retinal neurodegeneration in various disease conditions. He has research background in the field of cell and molecular biology, cloning and generation of transgenic mice models, biochemistry, yeast and mammalian genomics and visual electrophysiology. He has extensively used retina as a model to investigate mechanisms underlying retinal disorders such as glaucoma and macular degeneration and brain neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

More recently, he has carried out targeted gene therapy studies in retina to modulate neurotrophin signalling and protect the retinal neurons in glaucoma. Dr. Gupta joined Prof. Stuart Graham’s group at Macquarie University in 2011 after extensive postdoctoral training at University of Geneva, Switzerland and Dean McGee Eye Institute, USA. He has secured competitive grants and published more than 50 articles. He recently identified pathological accumulation of amyloid beta protein in the retina in both Alzheimer’s disease and glaucoma animal models and in human post-mortem tissues.


BSc; MA; MSc; PhD

Research Interest

Dr. Gupta has been extensively involved in elucidating biochemistry and physiology of the visual system in health and various disease conditions. He has used targeted gene therapy strategies, knockout and knock-in mice models along with cell and molecular biology tools and human studies to address the key mechanisms underlying retinal degenerative disorders. Retina is an integral part of the CNS and demonstrates several physiological, cellular and biochemical similarities with the brain. His recent studies have shown evidence of degenerative changes in the retina in Alzheimer’s disease in both human subjects and animal models.

Special interests:

1. Targeted gene therapy studies to understand mechanisms underlying retinal neurodegenerative conditions.

2. Study the overlap of Alzheimer’s disease with retinal neurodegenerative disorders such as glaucoma.

3. Develop pharmacological and genetic therapeutics to protect retinal neurons in various pre-clinical disease models.

Select Publications

  • Gupta V, Gupta VB, Chitranshi N, Gangoda S, Vander Wall R, Abbasi M, Golzan M, Dheer Y, Shah T, Avolio A, Chung R, Martins R, Graham S. (2016). One protein, multiple pathologies: multifaceted involvement of amyloid β in neurodegenerative disorders of the brain and retina. Cell Mol Life Sci. 73(22):4279-97.
  • Vivek K Gupta, Ammaji Rajala and Raju V.S Rajala (2015) Non-Canonical Regulation of Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Gamma Isoform Activity in Retinal Rod Photoreceptor Cells. Cell Communication and Signaling 13: 7.
  • Gupta V, You Y, Li J, Gupta V, Golzan M, Klistorner A, van den Buuse M, Graham S. (2014) BDNF impairment is associated with age-related changes in the inner retina and exacerbates experimental glaucoma. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1842:1567-78.
  • Vivek  Gupta, Rajala A, Rajala R (2012) Insulin receptor regulates photoreceptor cyclic nucleotide channel activity. Am J Physiol: Endocrinol Metabol.303(11):E1363-72.
  • DK Basavarajappa, Vivek K. Gupta, R. Dighe, Rajala A, Rajala RV (2011) Phosphorylated Grb14 is an endogenous inhibitor of retinal protein tyrosine phosphatase1B, and light dependent activation of Src activates Grb14. Mol Cell Biol. 31, 3975-87.
  • Vivek K. Gupta, A Rajala, RJ Daly, RVS Rajala (2010) Growth factor receptor-bound protein 14: A New Modulator of Photoreceptor Specific Cyclic Nucleotide Gated Channel. EMBO Reports. 11, 841-47.

Recent Grants

  • Ophthalmic Research institute of Australia/The Eye Surgeons’ Foundation Grant. CIA Gupta,$50,000, 2016-17.
  • Determining the role of commonly occurring variant of human BDNF in retina using a transgenic knock-in mouse model. MQRDG. CIA Gupta, $25000. 2016-17.
  • Saving the Optic Nerve. NHMRC Project Grant. CIB Gupta. $530,000. 2015-2017.
  • Neuroprotective role of FTY720 in congenital mouse model of Glaucoma. Novartis Pharmaceuticals. $344,457. 2014-16.
  • Therapeutic potential of remyelinating drugs in a rat model of optic nerve lesion. Biogen Idec. $233,000, 2014.
  • How Alzheimer’s disease affects the Eye and potential common underlying mechanisms with Glaucoma. MQRDG. CIA Gupta, $50,000, 2014-15.
  • Ophthalmic Research institute of Australia/Mary Tilden Bequest Grant 2014. CIA Gupta, $50000.
  • Relationship between neurotrophic signalling and VEGF in the retina and potential role in AMD. Bayer pharmaceuticals. $75000, 2013.
  • Preventing secondary neurodegeneration in neurodegenerative diseases. Novartis Pharmaceuticals. $97,000, 2012.
  • Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia Grant, $50,000, CIA Gupta, 2013.
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