Uche Ngwaba

Casual Lecturer

Health Systems and Populations, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Contact Details

Email: uche.ngwaba@mq.edu.au

Uche commenced his legal career in Lagos, Nigeria as a litigation lawyer in Chief Ladi Rotimi Williams Chambers. After a two and half years’ stint handling high profile litigation, Uche moved on to commence a career in the academia, joining the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies as a Research Fellow. Uche’s time at the institute placed in at the forefront of legal policy framing in Nigeria. It was during this time that Uche developed his interest in health law and policy, and with this interest came the desire to research into how law can contribute to improving the health system of Nigeria. In 2014, Uche commenced his doctoral research at Macquarie University. His doctoral research, which was completed in February 2017 developed a comparative framework for transforming the health system of Nigeria through the right to health. Uche’s research and teaching continues to intersect health and law.


PhD, LL.B(Jos), BL, LLM(Lagos)

Research Interest

  • Human Rights;
  • Health Law;
  • Public Health Systems;
  • International Criminal Justice

Select Publications

  1. Uchechukwu Ngwaba, “A Right to Universal Health Coverage in Resource-Constrained Nations? Towards a Blueprint for Better Health Outcomes” The International Journal of Human Rights (forthcoming)
  2. Uchechukwu Ngwaba, “Canadian-Anglophone African Human Rights Engagement: A Critical Assessment of the Literature on Health Rights” 2016) 3 Transnational Human Rights Review
  3. Obiora Chinedu Okafor and Uchechukwu Ngwaba, “Between Tunnel Vision and a Sliding Scale: Power, Normativity and Justice in the Praxis of the International Criminal Court” (2017) Temple International & Comparative Law Journal 179-193.
  4. Obiora Chinedu Okafor and Uchechukwu Ngwaba,“The International Criminal Court as a ‘Transitional Justice’ Mechanism in Africa: Some Critical Reflections” 2014 9(1) International Journal of Transitional Justice 90-108.

Recent Grant Success

Macquarie University PGRF 2015 Grant with DVC(R) Commendation Award.

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