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Marina Junqueira Santiago

Postdoctoral research Fellow

Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Contact Details

Tel: (02) 9850 2720


Level 1, 75 Talavera Road, Macquarie University

After some years working as a community pharmacist, I came to Macquarie University to do a PhD in Pharmacology. I finished my PhD in 2015, where I researched the effect of single nucleotide polymorphisms and phosphomutation of the mu-opioid receptor.

After concluding my PhD, I started working for Prof. Mark Connor and the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics. The project focus in the creation of platforms for the cell based elucidation of potential cannabinoid mechanisms of action in epilepsies.


B.Pharm, PhD

Research Interests

  • Pharmacology of drugs of addiction: cannabinoids, opioids,etc.
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Addiction treatment

Select Publications

  1. Alisa Knapman, Marina Santiago and Mark Connor: A6V polymorphism of the human μ-opioid receptor decreases signalling of morphine and endogenous opioids in vitro, Br J Pharmacol, Vol.172, pp2258-2272, 2015
  2. Alisa Knapman, Marina Santiago and Mark Connor: Buprenorphine signalling is compromised at the N40D polymorphism of the human μ-opioid receptor in vitro, Br J Pharmacol, Vol.171, pp.4273-4288, 2014
  3. Alisa Knapman, Marina Santiago, Yan Ping Du, Philip Bennallack, MacDonald Christie and Mark Connor: A continuous, fluorescence-based assay of μ-opioid receptor activation in AtT-20 cells, J Biomol Screen, Vol.18, pp.269-276, 2013

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