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Danè Turner (nee Dabirrahmani)

Research Fellow

Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Contact Details

Tel: 02 9850 2754


75 Talavera Rd, Macquarie University

Dr Danè Turner is a biomechanical engineer with experience in biomechanical testing, computer modelling, medical imaging manipulation and analysis. Prior to her appointment at Macquarie University, she worked as an engineering consultant, providing scientific advice to biomedical companies.


BE (Mech, Hons), MBiomedE, PhD

Research Interests

  • Patient biomechanics following Total Knee Replacements (TKR)
  • The effect of shoulder replacement techniques and designs on shoulder kinematics
  • Behaviour of bone following prosthesis implantation
  • Validity of Dual Energy CT (DE-CT) imaging in orthopaedic applications
  • Using Computer modelling techniques, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and mechanical testing methods to assess diseased joints, orthopaedic implant design and surgical techniques

Select Publications

  1. Dannaway J, Dabirrahmani D, Sonnabend D, Martin A, Appleyard R. An Investigation into the Frictional Properties between Bone and various Orthopaedic Implant Surfaces: Implant Stability. J Musculoskeletal Res, 2016
  2. Dabirrahmani D, Magnussen J, Appleyard R. Dual-Energy CT- How accurate is Gemstone Spectrum Imaging Metal Artefact Reduction- Its Application to Orthopaedic Metal Implants. J Comp Assist Tomog, 2015
  3. Askari E, Flores P, Dabirrahmani D, Appleyard R. A Computational Analysis of Squeaking Hip Prostheses. J Comp and Nonlin Dynamics, 2015
  4. Askari E, Flores P, Dabirrahmani D, Appleyard R. Study of the friction-induced vibration and contact mechanics of artificial hip joints. Trib Int, 2014
  5. Dabirrahmani D, Bokor D, Appleyard R. A Novel Dynamic Mechanical Testing Technique for Reverse Shoulder Replacements. Annals Biom Eng, 2014
  6. Dabirrahmani D, Hogg M, Walker P, Biggs D, Gillies RM. Comparison of Isometric and Anatomical Graft Placement in Synthetic ACL Reconstructions, 2013
  7. Dabirrahmani D, Becker S, Hogg M, Baroud G, Gillies RM. Mechanical variables affecting Balloon Kyphoplasty Outcome- A Finite Element Study. Comp Methods in Biomech and Biomed Eng, 2012

Recent Grants

  • Macquarie University Research Development Grant 2014
  • Macquarie University WiMed Project Grant. 2014
  • Macquarie University Teaching Equipment Grant. 2012
  • Macquarie University New Staff Grant. 2012
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