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Alberto Avolio

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

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Tel: 02 9850 2747


Level 1, 75 Talavera Road, Macquarie University

Professor Avolio has acquired international recognition in the field cardiovascular haemodynamics.  His work concerns investigations of the pulsatile function of blood pressure and flow in the arterial vasculature and the alterations in vascular properties that lead to high blood pressure and end-organ damage. He has made significant contributions in describing the age-related changes in arterial stiffness leading to collaborative research in understanding cellular and mechanisms that alter the elastic function of large conduit arteries. This work is now being applied to uncover effects of mechanical forces on endothelial cells that may be associated with underlying vascular mechanism of dementia. His laboratory supports in vivo haemodynamic experiments in rodent models, in vitro cell mechanotransduction studies and tensile measurements of vascular properties. Studies using non-invasive estimation of central aortic pressure and vascular stiffness (using pulse wave velocity) are done in collaboration with clinical investigators.


Research Interests

  • Pulsatile relationships between arterial blood pressure and flow and cardiovascular modelling.
  • Pulse wave analysis and non-invasive estimation of central aortic pressure.
  • Mechanisms of arterial stiffness and effects on blood pressure
  • Arterial hemodynamic s and cerebrovascular function associated with measurement of intracranial pressure.
  • Mechanotransduction in brain endothelial cells and relation to vascular mechanisms of dementia.

Select Publications

  1. Townsend RR, Wilkinson IB, Schiffrin EL, Avolio AP, Chirinos JA, Cockcroft JR, Heffernan KS, Lakatta EG, McEniery CM, Mitchell GF, Najjar SS, Nichols WW, Urbina EM, Weber T. Recommendations for Improving and Standardizing Vascular Research on Arterial Stiffness: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association. Hypertension 2015;66:698-722.
  2. Butlin M, Lindesay G, Viegas K, Avolio AP. Pressure dependency of aortic pulse wave velocity in-vivo is not affected by vasoactive substances that alter aortic wall tension ex-vivo. Am J Physiol  2015;308(10):H1221-1228.
  3. Chatterjee S, Bedja D, Mishra S, Amuzie C, Avolio A, Kass D, Berkowitz D, Renehan M. Inhibition of glycosphingolipid synthesis ameliorates atherosclerosis and arterial stiffness in Apo E-/- mice and rabbits fed a high fat and cholesterol diet  Circulation 2014; 129: 2403-2413
  4. Avolio AP, Butlin M. Winter D. Blood pressure.  In The Physiological Measurement Handbook. J. Webster (Ed) CRC Press. 2014.

Recent Grants

  • Technology platform for noninvasive measurement of intracranial pressure. ARC Linkage Grant . A.Avolio, G. Town, S. Graham, M.Stoodley, I (Y). Sen (Qian), M. Golzan, A. Qasem, (AtCor Medical) $455,000. (2016-2019).
  • Haemodynamic investigations of flow diverter stents for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms. ARC Linkage Grant . Sen(Qian) I (Y). W. Chong, A Avolio, M. Morgan, W Yang, M Umezu, R Green, V Parker. ( MicroVention, N.Stenning)[ $250,000]. (2013-2016)
  • Technology optimisation of integrated circuits with applications to wireless communication systems in medicine. ARC Linkage Grant. M Heimlick, A. Avolio, N. Weste, A.Parker, K.Essele, J. Harvey,S.Mahon, A Fattorini,N Seed. (M/A Technology Solutions; University of Sheffield) ($300,000). (2013-2016).
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