PhD information

PhD information

PhD Information

The PhD program with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences allows students as well as medical professionals and surgeons to pursue their interest in advanced research within a specific area within the departments of Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Health Professions or the Australian Institute of Health Innovation.

See MQ HDR information for details about applications, scholarships and processes.

Typical areas for research projects are outlined below.

Department of Clinical Medicine

Department of Biomedical Sciences

NeurosurgeryBiomechanical Engineering
Ophthalmology & Visual ScienceBiomedical Engineering
Rhinology & Endoscopic Skull Base SurgeryBacterial Biofilms in Medicine
 Cancer Metabolism
 Cancer Proteomics
 Melanoma Cell Biology
 Motor Neuron Disease
 Neurodegenerative Diseases
 Pulsatile function of the cardiovascular system
 Neurobiology of vital systems

For general enquiries, please contact the hdr coordinator:

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