MQ Health Student Support Fund

MQ Health Student Support Fund

MQ health student support fund

Help our students make a difference.

It takes a special kind of person to pursue years of study, practical placements and intense assessment – all to help someone in need. That’s exactly what our students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are doing.

And many of them are doing this while balancing competing demands on their time. For some, it’s financial stress. For others, it’s caring for children or family members. Whatever it is, these barriers to studying effectively can take a toll on our students’ wellbeing and their ability to complete the course.

We’d hate to lose any of our high-achieving, committed students. Students like Petra, who undertook a Doctor of Physiotherapy while parenting two children, one with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. There were times when, she says, she “could have dropped out,” but Petra has “always wanted to make a difference”.

That’s why we have set up the MQ Health Student Support Fund. Your kind donation will help facilitate travel and accommodation costs for students to attend intensive clinical placements, help provide essential IT and study equipment, and fund a range of other practical and financial support options.

By giving, you’re not just helping a much-needed cohort graduate, you’re making sure that a culturally competent and diverse medical workforce exists in Australia – because it takes a diverse range of people to understand and address society’s health issues.

Help us make sure our bright, dedicated students go on to help others.

Your donation to MQ Health Student Support Fund will help those who are experiencing financial stress or other disadvantage during their studies. It could make all the difference to a student’s life.

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