The TASK Program requires a few pieces of equipment including:

  • TASK floor mat
  • TASK placement
  • Exercise step

Here are some resources and links to obtain this equipment:


Booklets describing the exercise in the TASK Program can be downloaded here:

Floor Mat

The TASK mat can be ordered from Identity Matters by clicking here.

Ask for the TASK floor mat.

If this is too expensive, you can also purchase the coloured circles individually from Good Buddy by clicking here or Sit Spots by clicking here.


The placemat can be printed from the image on the left. It is designed to be printed on A3 sized paper. We recommend printing this on cardboard. Depending on your browser, you may need to right click and print or save the image manually after clicking on it.


An exercise step can be purchased for approximately $20 from:
1. Target
2. K-Mart
They are also available at most sporting stores.

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