Our people

Our people

Head of Department, Clinical Medicine

Professor Richard Kefford

Higher Degree Research Director, Clinical Medicine

Professor Stuart Graham

Academic staff

Tillman BoeselAssociate Professor, Anaesthetics
Des BokorAssociate Professor, Orthopedics
John BoyagesProfessor, Radiation Oncology
Director, Australian Lymphoedema Education Research & Treatment (ALERT)
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Bernard ChampionAssociate Professor, Endocrinology
Nitin ChitranshiPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Ophthalmology
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Sharon CzerniecPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Australian Lymphoedema Education Research & Treatment (ALERT)
Andrew DavidsonAssociate Professor, Neurosurgery
Research Profile
Anand DevaProfessor, Plastic Surgery
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Yogita DheerPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Ophthalmology
Antonio Di IevaAssociate Professor, Neurosurgery
Research Profile
Tony EyersProfessor, Ethics in Surgery and Medicine
Robin GasiorowskiSenior Lecturer, Haematology
Stuart GrahamProfessor, Ophthalmology
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Graham GumleyAssociate Professor, Hand Surgery
Vivek GuptaSenior Lecturer and NHMRC Fellow, Ophthalmology
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Sarah HemleyPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Neurosciences
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I-Van HoAssociate Professor, Ophthalmology
Cliff HughesProfessor, Patient Safety, Quality of Care and Healthcare Systems
Research Profile
Alvin NgProfessor, Respiratory Medicine
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Ashkan JavadzadeganPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Cardiology
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Fred JoshuaAssociate Professor, Rheumatology
Richard KeffordProfessor, Medical Oncology
Head of Department, Clinical Medicine
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Hosen KiatProfessor, Cardiology
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Alexander KlistornerAssociate Professor, Ophthalmology
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Louise KoelmeyerSenior Lecturer, Australian Lymphoedema Education Research & Treatment (ALERT)
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Magdalena LamPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Neurosciences
Research Profile
James LaneProfessor,Vascular Surgery
Jenny LeeSenior Lecturer, Medical Oncology
Research Profile
John MagnussenProfessor, Radiology
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Andrea MangionLecturer, Australian Lymphoedema Education Research & Treatment (ALERT)
Lucinda McRobbPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Neurosciences
Research Profile
Abouzar MoshfeghPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Cardiology
Research Profile
Matthew PetersProfessor, Respiratory Medicine
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Veronica PredaSenior Lecturer, Endocrinology
Dominic RoweProfessor, Neurology
Research Profile
Marcus StoodleyProfessor, Neurosurgery
Research Profile
Hiroo SuamiAssociate Professor, Australian Lymphoedema Education Research & Treatment (ALERT)
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Sinduja SubramanianPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Neurology
Jim SullivanAssociate Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery
Vivek ThakarAssociate Professor, Rheumatology
Amanda WangSenior Lecturer, Nephrology
Sarah WhiteSenior Lecturer, Clinical Communication
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Tristan YanProfessor, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Research Profile
Ziggy YehLecturer, General and Colorectal Surgery
Andy YongAssociate Professor, Interventional Cardiology
Research Profile
Zhenjun ZhaoSenior Research Fellow, Neurosciences
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Professional staff

Lorel AdamsMND Biobank Coordinator
Teresa CordinaAdministrative Assistant, Australian Lymphoedema Education, Research & Treatment (ALERT)
Ashley CrookMND Senior Genetic Counsellor
Katrina GaitatzisSenior Research Officer, Vanderbilt Clinical Trials
Linda GarthwaiteResearch Assistant, Ophthalmology
Lizzi GrahamResearch Assistant,Ophthalmology
Mia HolmanFaculty Liaison Officer
Alice JohnsonResearch & Administrative Assistant, ALERT
Lori LewisResearch Assistant, ALERT
Emma MoloneyResearch & Administrative Assistant, ALERT
Victoria MuleResearch Assistant, ALERT
Sonali MunotSenior Research Officer, ALERT
Kristine NakhelReserach Officer, Vanderbilt Clinical Trial
Shanna O'ConnorAcademic Assistant to Professor Richard Kefford
Robyn RickettsResearch Officer, ALERT
Catherine RileyResearch Assistant, ALERT
Sandiya SathiyaseelanMND Clinical Trials Coordinator
Angela SchulzStudy Coordinator, Ophthalmology
Philippa SuttonProject Coordinator, ALERT
Collette TosenDepartment Administrator, Clinical Medicine

Honorary Clinical Appointments

Anil AggarwalaClinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Munjed Al MuderisClinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Malcolm AlbanyClinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Sam AlhayoClinical Associate Lecturer, General Surgery
Alexandra AllendeClinical Senior Lecturer, Histopathology
Erik AnemanClinical Professor, Intensive Care
Christos ApostolouClinical Senior Lecturer, Gastrointestinal Surgery
Hema ArvindClinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Kaleb AsrressClinical Associate Professor, Cardiology
Nazih AssaadClinical Senior Lecturer, Neurosurgery
Richard AtkinsonClinical Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Rodney AyscoughClinical Associate Professor, General Practice
Amjed AzizClinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Ann BacsiClinical Lecturer, Neurology
BalachandranClinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Paul BannonClinical Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Edward BarinClinical Associate Professor, Cardiology
Jarrett Barker-WhittleClinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Ross BengerClinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Ravi BhindiClinical Professor, Cardiology
Deepak BhonagiriClinical Senior Lecturer, Intensive Care
Sally BonarClinical Associate Professor, Histopathology
Catherine Bones-SaundersClinical Lecturer, Radiology
Sara Booth-MasonClinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Alistair BoyceClinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Martin BrownClinical Associate Professor, Cardiology
Ross CalcroftClinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Eric ChaiClinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Simon ChanClinical Lecturer, Hand Surgery
William ChikClinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Winston ChongClinical Associate Professor, Radiology
Wai Kuen ChowClinical Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Vincent ChowClinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Sidath Chrisantha FernandoClinical Associate Lecturer, Radiology
Brian ChuaClinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Alwin ChuanClinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Amanda ChungClinical Senior Lecturer, Urology
Simon CoffeyClinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Crispin CorteClinical Lecturer, Gastroenterology
David DavidClinical Professor, Craniomaxillofacial Surgery
Cecelia De GzellClinical Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Warick DelpradoClinical Associate Professor, Histopathology
Delfino Di MascioClinical Lecturer, Vascular Surgery
Helen DoClinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Michael DowdClinical Lecturer, Hand Surgery
Ardalan EbrahimiClinical Associate Professor, Head & Neck Surgery
Behzad EftekharClinical Associate Professor, Neurosurgery
Thanan ElalingamClinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Maros ElsikClinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Claude FarahClinical Associate Professor, Respiratory Medicine
Annabelle FarnsworthClinical Associate Professor, Histopathology
Noela FerchClinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
ClareFraserClinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
John FullerClinical Senior Lecturer, Neurosurgery
Adrian FungClinical Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Jennifer GilchristClinical Senior Lecturer, Breast Oncology Nursing
Andrew GilmoreClinical Senior Lecturer, Colorectal Surgery
Stephanie GilroyClinical Lecturer, Dietetics
Michael GleesonClinical Associate Professor, Anaesthesiology
Martin GrehanClinical Senior Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Stuart GrieveClinical Professor, Radiology
Al GurselClinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Richard HarveyClinical Professor, Head & Neck Surgery
Mario HenriquezClinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Samantha HerathClinical Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Ken HoClinical Associate Professor, Endocrinology
Anne HoClinical Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Kevin Ho-ShonClinical Associate Professor, Diagnostic Radiology
Chi-Jen HsuClinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Jeremy HsuClinical Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Ravi HuilgolClinical Lecturer, Vascular Surgery
Gazi HussainClinical Associate Professor, Plastic Surgery
NabeelI brahimClinical Associate Professor, General Surgery
Peter IllesClinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Arvind IyerClinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Michael IzardClinical Senior Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Richard JaworskiClinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Rohan JayasingheClinical Professor, Rheumatology
Nicholas JufasClinical Senior Lecturer, Otolaryngology
Martin KennedyClinical Lecturer, Rehabilitation Medicine
Anil KeshavaClinical Associate Professor, General Surgery
Gagan KhannahClinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Raymond KoClinical Senior Lecturer, Urology
Jonathan KongClinical Associate Professor, Ear Nose & Throat Surgery
Samuel KuoClinical Senior Lecturer, General & Gastrointestinal Surgery
Howard LauClinical Associate Professor, Urology
Cheng LeeClinical Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Eric LeeClinical Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Rupert LeongClinical Associate Professor, Gastroenterology
Robyn LevingstonClinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Cathy LimClinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Daniel LinClinical Associate Professor, Paediatrics
Min LingClinical Senior Lecturer, Endocrinology
Patrick ListonClinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Tim LiuClinical Lecturer, Nuclear Medicine
Hubert LowClinical Senior Lecturer, Head & Neck Surgery
Adrian  LowClinical Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Abhinay LuhachClinical Lecturer, Cardiology
William LynchClinical Associate Professor, Urology
Helen MackieClinical Lecturer, Rehabilitation Medicine
Fiona MacleanClinical Senior Lecturer, Histopathology
James MacneilClinical Associate Lecturer, Urology and Colorectal
Meredith MakehamClinical Professor, General Practice
David MawterClinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Melissa McConaghyClinical Lecturer, Rehabilitation Medicine
Rohan MeraniClinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Steven MertenClinical Senior Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Sameer MihrsahiClinical Lecturer, Upper Gastroenterology Surgery
Lucy MorganClinical Senior Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Yuresh NaidooClinical Associate Professor, Head & Neck Surgery
Mark NallaratnamClinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Christopher NaoumClinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Candace NewberryClinical Senior Lecturer, General Practice
Benjamin NgClinical Lecturer, Respiratory Medicine
Martin NgClinical Professor, Cardiology
Quan NgoClinical Senior Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Daniel NguyenClinical Lecturer, Vascular Surgery
James NielsenClinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Olav NielssenClinical Professor, Psychiatry
Navin NilesClinical Associate Professor, Endocrine & Head & Neck Surgery
Leonard OngClinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
William O'ReganClinical Lecturer, Intensive Care / Anaesthesiology
Amy PaiClinical Senior Lecturer, Opthamology
Cynthia ParrClinical Lecturer, Palliative Care
Manish PatelClinical Professor, Urology
Nirmal PatelClinical Associate Professor, Head & Neck Surgery
Andrew PatersonClinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Miriam PaulClinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Darren PaveyClinical Senior Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Martin PhillipsClinical Professor, Respiratory
Elizabeth PickfordClinical Lecturer, Paediatrics
Kalman PiperClinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Pirooz PoursoltanClinical Senior Lecturer, Medical Oncology
Goff QuinClinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Kanaka RachakondaClinical Senior Lecturer, Intensive Care
Mona RazavianClinical Lecturer, Nephrology
John ReadClinical Associate Professor, Radiology
Matthew RickardClinical Senior Lecturer, Colorectal Surgery
Faruquw RiffatClinical Senior Lecturer, Otolaryngology
Jennifer RobertsClinical Senior Lecturer, Histopathology
Sue RobinsonClinical Lecturer, Haematology
Michael RodriguezClinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Chris RoganClinical Lecturer, Radiology
Loreto RoseClinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Peter RoyceClinical Associate Professor, Urology
Damian RyanClinical Senior Lecturer, Hand Surgery
Raymond SacksClinical Professor, Itolaryngology
Jaswinder SamraClinical Associate Professor, Gastroenterology
Neomal SandanayakeClinical Senior Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Davor SaravanjaClinical Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Kevin SeexAssociate Professor, Neurosurgery
Ian SeppeltClinical Associate Professor, Intensive Care
Lisa ShimClinical Lecturer, Gastroenterology
Anupam SibalClinical Professor, Paediatrician
Elizabeth SinclairClinical Lecturer, Histopathology
Kirin SindhuClinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Timothy SiuClinical Senior Lecturer, Neurosurgery
Nicholas SmithClinical Senior Lecturer, Hand Surgery
James SmithClinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Rami SorialClinical Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics
Tiscia StefanuttoClinical Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Brendan SteinfortClinical Lecturer, Neuroradiology
John StelliosClinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Monique StoneClinical Senior Lecturer, Paediatrics
Mark TahmindjisClinical Associate Professor, Neurosurgery
Victor TamClinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Robert TangClinical Lecturer, Vascular Surgery
Edward TeoClinical Associate Lecturer, Emergency Medicine
Keng-Ee ThaiClinical Lecturer, Dermatology
Ru Dee TingClinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Vincent TseClinical Associate Professor, Urology
Angelo TsirbasClinical Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Krishna TumuluriClinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
Jennifer TurnerClinical Associate Professor, Histopathology
Michael VallelyClinical Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Celi VarolClinical Associate Professor, Urology
Justin VassClinical Senior Lecturer, Urology
Viswanathan VenkatachalamClinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiology
Paul WajonClinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Stewart WallaceClinical Lecturer, Anaesthesiology
Craig WallerClinical Associate Professor, Orthopaedics
Wei Tim WangClinical Lecturer, Radiation Oncology
Melanie WebbClinical Senior Lecturer, General Practice
David WechslerClinical Senior Lecturer, Ophthalmology
William WesselsClinical Senior Lecturer, Plastic Surgery
Ross WhiteClinical Lecturer, Emergency Medicine
Geoffrey WilcsekClinical Lecturer, ENT Surgery
Jonathan WilliamsonClinical Associate Professor, Respiratory Medicine
Michael WilsonClinical Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery
James WongClinical Lecturer, Cardiology
Sophia WongClinical Associate Lecturer, Cardiology
Colin XavierClinical Lecturer, Intensive Care
Ian YuenClinical Lecturer, Hand Surgery
Bernard ZicatClinical Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics

PhD Students

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