Our people

Our people

Head of Department

Professor Helen Rizos

Professor Rizos is an internationally recognised cancer cell biologist whose extensive research has improved our collective understanding of the role of genes in the development and therapeutic response of melanoma.

Academic staff - Research group leaders

Adam Walker
NMHRC CJ Martin Fellow, Neurodegenerative diseases

Alberto Avolio
Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Angela Laird
Research Fellow, Neurodegenerative diseases, zebrafish models

Ann Goodchild
Associate Professor, Neurophysiology

Danè Turner
Lecturer Research Fellow, Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Gilles Guillemin
Professor, Neuroscience

Ian Blair
Associate Professor, Neurobiology

Itsu Sen (Yi Qian)
Professor, Biomechanics

Jacqueline Phillips
Professor, Neuroscience

Joanne Lind
Professor, Genetics

Julie Atkin
Associate Professor, Neurobiology

Karen Vickery
Associate Professor, Surgical Infection

Mark Baker
Professor, Proteomics and Biochemistry

Mark Connor
Professor, Pharmacology

Nicholas Cole
Senior Lecturer, Neurobiology

Ralph Martins
Professor, Neurobiology

Roger Chung
Professor, Neuroscience

Simon McMullan
Senior Lecturer, Neurophysiology

Professional staff

Laura Newey
Department Administrator

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