MQ Health

MQ Health

MQ Health builds on our aspiration to create integrated approaches to patient care, discovery and workforce preparation that are already well established within the United States, Europe and Asia. It will bring together the excellent work of medical and allied health researchers across the University and around the country, with unparalleled access to the world-leading clinical resources and research facilities found only on our campus.

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Clinical Programs

In order to adapt to the changing and often complex needs of our patients, now and into the future MQ Health has developed a clinical program structure with the patient and carer’s needs top of mind. This involves the organisation of our clinical services, research and teaching programs around complex disease processes rather than traditional clinical speciality based models. Our structure is created with the aim of embedding a coordinated and integrated team-based approach to care across the continuum of prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management and support underpinned by the latest evidence and research. Our seven Clinical Programs and their leaders are as follows:

Clinical ProgramClinical Program Head
Bone and JointAssociate Professor Desmond Bokor
CancerProfessor Richard Kefford
Cardiovascular and RespiratoryDr Jason Kaplan
Critical Care and AnaestheticsProfessor Michael Parr
NeurosciencesProfessor Marcus Stoodley
Primary Care, Wellbeing and DiagnosticsProfessor Simon Willcock
Surgery and GastrointestinalAssociate Professor Alice Lee
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