Reading Clinic Scholarship Fund

Reading Clinic Scholarship Fund

Make a big difference to a little person in need. Help them learn to read.

Reading. Something that seems so simple, and the gateway to so much, is out of reach for many disadvantaged young children. Here at the Reading Clinic, we want to change that.

Based on research, evidence and experience, we know what these children need, and we know what works. But we need your help to make this happen.

We have children on our books who have been assessed, and are in need of our services, but can’t afford treatment. And there are many more who would like to be assessed to identify their difficulties but can’t afford the assessment fee.

Children like William, who came to the Reading Clinic not being able to read at all, but has made significant progress. In fact, his mum says: "It’s been the only thing that has ever worked. Best of all, it’s given him hope that he can achieve something.”

And that’s something that, with your help, we can give to many more children.

Your kind donation to the Reading Clinic Scholarship Fund will mean that a child, like William can feel a part of their classroom. They can keep up. They can feel confident in their learning and, most importantly, their future.

If you could give the gift of reading, would you?

Your donation to the Reading Clinic Scholarship Fund will provide evidence-based reading assessments and treatments for disadvantaged children, and support for parents and carers along with their schools.

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