Our research

Our research

As researchers, psychologists seek to understand human behaviour and the way our minds function. The combination of internationally renowned academics, various research centres, labs, clinics and groups means the Department of Psychology has a strong research capacity and publication history.

The variety of research and PhD possibilities range from perception and cognition, emotional health, neuropsychology, organisational psychology, music and elite performance, evolutionary and social psychology, to lifespan development and successful aging.

Students in the department benefit from their access to some of the country’s leading research facilities, including virtual reality and simulation laboratories. These centres, labs and clinics provide hands-on experiences in specialised fields, giving students the opportunity to become leaders in their chosen area.

Research centres and labs

Centre for Emotional Health

We conduct specialist clinical research to deepen current knowledge of child and adult emotional disorders, as well as improving methods of treatment.

Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise & Training

We carry out cutting-edge research into the cognitive, motor, social, and emotional processes of elite performers.

Simulation Hub

Housing a wide range of simulation devices, we facilitate collaborative, cross-disciplinary, translational research across a wide-range of disciplines.

Music, Sound and Performance Lab

We investigate the cognitive processes involved in the production, perception and enjoyment of music performance.

Lab of Evolutionary Psychology

Our research includes the study of the chemical senses, disease avoidance, the emotion of disgust and human eating behaviours.

Behavioural Science Lab

We’re researching the factors and processes that contribute to the causes and maintenance of anxiety and substance use problems.

Research clinics

The Macquarie University Psychology Clinic

The Macquarie University Psychology Clinic offers a range of specialised psychological services to the general community. The clinic is staffed by interns who have completed their training in psychology and are undertaking post-graduate training in specialised areas to become Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Neuropsychologists. Many are already fully registered. All of the interns are supervised by qualified and experienced specialist professionals.

The Centre for Emotional Health Clinic

The Emotional Health Clinic is a specialist clinical unit dedicated to furthering research into the nature and treatment of anxiety disorders. The unit offers state-of-the-art assessment and treatment of these various disorders based on its own internationally recognised research. We also develop innovative methods of treatment for those who don't have direct access to the clinics and have school-based education programs looking at child and adolescent anxiety and depression.

The eCentreClinic

The eCentreClinic is specialist research clinic and a not-for-profit initiative of Macquarie University. We develop and evaluate state-of-the-art free online treatment courses for people with symptoms of: worry (GAD), panic, social anxiety (social phobia), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), stress, depression, low mood and other health conditions, including chronic pain. We offer free access to these treatment courses via participation in clinical trials, which we run throughout the year.


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