Microcredentials FAQs

Microcredentials FAQs

Will these microcredential modules be offered again?

We haven’t confirmed dates for 2020 as yet. If you would like to receive updates and announcements about professional learning courses, sign up to the quarterly Academy newsletter.

Can you apply for recognised prior learning (RPL) for the microcredential modules?

If you complete all ten EDCN865 microcredential modules then you can apply for and receive Recognition of Prior Learning (credit) for the unit EDCN865 Learning Technologies in Practice.

How do I claim my NESA hours for this module?

Upon successful completion of the module we will update the NESA website with your hours. Each module is worth 15 hours.

Do I need to be enrolled as a Macquarie University student to register?

You will be registered for the course under the Academy of Continuing Professional Development Terms of Use. You do not need to be a Macquarie University student to register.

Can I pay by credit card?

We will email you an invoice and you can pay via EFT.

Can you register for more than module at any one time?

Yes, you can register for multiple modules. Each module has a set start date and you will have three weeks to complete all requirements.

Do I need to complete the modules in order?

The modules are offered in a sequence, however you do not need to complete past modules to enrol in a later module. We hope that once you have completed one module you will register to do more!

Do you have to be a teacher to register for a module?

You do not need to be a teacher to register, but you should have undergraduate qualifications in education or equivalent professional experience.

How do I apply for recognised prior learning (RPL) for EDCN865 Learning Technologies in Practice once I have finished all of the EDCN865 micro credential modules?

When you enrol in a Macquarie University Course (for instance a Master of Education) you will be have the opportunity to present any previous studies for recognition under the Macquarie University Recognition of Prior Learning scheme. So hold onto your microcredential module certificates!

Will I get access to the Macquarie University library if I register for a micro credential module?

Yes, you will.

Do I need to be in NSW to register for this course?

Participants from across Australia can apply (domestic fees apply). We also accept registrations from participants from around the globe (international fees apply).

Will I be required to purchase a textbook?

No, you do not need to purchase a textbook for this study unit – the textbook and readings are available via the library.

How do I access module resources?

Once you have registered for the module you will be provided with access to our learning management system where all of the relevant module information can be found.

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