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Our courses


The Academy offers a diverse range of professional development courses enabling teacher and school leaders to learn directly from the experts who are leaders in their fields. Course content is evidence-based and relevant to both the curriculum and challenges faced by educators today.

The Academy offers an ever-increasing range of Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT) and Proficient Teacher courses designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) which also reflect the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Teachers may use HAT standards to maintain their Proficient teacher accreditation.

Click on course titles for further details and enrolment. To express your interest in courses with dates TBC, or to arrange a professional development session at your school, kindergarten or child care centre please email academy@mq.edu.au.


From Ancient History to Modern History, we have a range of professional and pedagogical courses to meet your professional learning needs.

Macquarie Ancient Languages School for Teachers (MALS for Teachers)

Course Level: Proficient

Course Stage: 4,5 & 6

Course Date: Monday 6th - Friday 10th January 2020; 9am - 4pm daily

Course Time: 28 hours & 30 minutes hours

Course Mode: Face to Face

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Do you want your students to grapple with real scientific problems and ‘do’ science rather than observe science? Look at the range of courses on offer from our pedagogical and subject-based experts.

Student Wellbeing

Schools have a unique and important role to play in supporting children’s and adolescent’s emotional needs. Our courses offer research-based strategies from experts in the field.

Cool Kids Anxiety Program - Training and Accreditation

Course Level: Proficient

Course Stage: All

Course Date: Ongoing

Course Time: 6+3 hours

Course Mode: F2F, Online, Blended

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Teaching and Learning

From curriculum planning to creative learning, to the use of learning spaces, we have a range of courses to meet your professional learning needs.


Do you want to know more about autism and how to support autistic students in the classroom? Then this course is for you.

2019 Hub Schools Recption

Course Level: Proficient

Course Stage: All Stages

Course Date: Tuesday 10th December 2019

Course Time: 2 hours

Course Mode: Face to Face

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