Tertiary Supervisors (Mentors)

Tertiary Supervisors (Mentors)

tertiary supervisors (mentors)

We are fortunate to be supported by a diverse group of Tertiary Supervisors. Experience visiting prior-to-school settings and schools brings a broad perspective to the evaluation process for our Teacher Education Students. Your role is essential in ensuring the successful completion of Professional Experience.

The role of a Tertiary Supervisor is threefold. Firstly, when a Tertiary Supervisor visits a Teacher Education Student on Professional Experience placement, they represent Macquarie and our programs. Secondly, the Tertiary Supervisor contributes support to the Teacher Education Student, offering constructive criticism and encouragement from an external point of view. This is significant for both Teacher Education Students and Supervising Teachers.  Finally, the Tertiary Supervisor role provides support for the Supervising Teacher, as needed.

Tertiary Supervisor professional assistance

Tertiary Supervisors provide professional assistance to the Teacher Education Student and the Supervising Teacher by:

  • ensuring requirements of the Teacher Education Students are understood by the centre or school staff and can be met at the placement
  • advising Teacher Education Students on planning and organising experiences to meet practice teaching requirements
  • observing Teacher Education Students and/or providing written and oral feedback on their planning and teaching
  • helping Teacher Education Students understand and adapt to centre or school expectations
  • encouraging Teacher Education Students to reflect on their experiences and evaluate their teaching
  • counselling Teacher Education Students concerning difficulties and anxieties and referring Teacher Education Students to support personnel when appropriate
  • discussing the Teacher Education Student's work with the Supervising Teacher
  • undertaking appropriate procedures if the Teacher Education Student is ‘at risk’ of failing the Professional Experience.

Teacher Education Student wellbeing

You may find yourself in a situation where a Teacher Education Student discloses, in confidence, personal or family situations which are concerning.  This can impact on the Teacher Education Student’s progression through the unit. Staff in the department support the health and wellbeing of all our Teacher Education Students and services on campus can provide support and counselling. In the event of a concerning disclosure, please respond along the following lines:

  1. To the Teacher Education Student:  “Thank you for informing me. The university has a duty of care so I will be advising the unit coordinator that they need to contact you in relation to a current personal/ medical issue.”
  2. Straightaway notify the unit coordinator that there are personal issues needing attention. Details do not need to be provided to the unit coordinator as the Teacher Education Student can share these.

The unit coordinator will follow up with the Teacher Education Student.

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