Professional Experience Contact

Professional Experience Contact

professional experience contact

The Professional Experience Office establishes relationships with schools and early childhood settings, inviting them to participate in the Professional Experience Program and host Teacher Education Students. Placements are essential for Teacher Education Students’ professional and skill development.

Teacher Education Students do not find their own placements. The Professional Experience Office contacts prior-to-school and school settings. Teacher Education Students are allocated schools and early childhood setting placements according to availability. All placements are confirmed by the Professional Experience Office in writing. The office is also responsible for arranging University-appointed Tertiary Supervisors to support Teacher Education Students in their Professional Experience.

Staff at the Professional Experience Office also manage mandatory checks: the Working with Children Check, anaphylaxis certificates and child protection certificates. All paperwork, including badges, is managed through the office.

The Professional Experience Office:

  • is the first point of contact for all Professional Experience administrative, financial and professional matters between schools and the University
  • facilitates and oversees placement of Teacher Education Students in schools and relevant settings by liaising with directors, principals or heads of schools, Teacher Education Students, Professional Experience convenors, Tertiary Supervisors and, as required, other staff in the University
  • ensures documentation for the Professional Experience Program is up to date, consistent with policies and available; this is carried out by working with the Director of Initial Teacher Education and the appropriate Initial Teacher Education Program Director
  • monitors procedures and due process for managing concerns relating to Teacher Education Students, also advises the unit convenor and Tertiary Supervisors
  • assists on decisions concerning intervention or support for Teacher Education Students on Professional Experience; this assistance is given to the unit convenor and the appropriate Initial Teacher Education Program Director
  • assists on decisions concerning withdrawal from schools or early childhood settings of Teacher Education Students where significant concerns, conflict or lack of professionalism have occurred; this assistance is given to the unit convenor and the appropriate Initial Teacher Education Program Director
  • ensures documents for Professional Experience placement are correctly completed, submitted, processed and recorded.

We've Moved!

The Professional Experience Office, is now at 4 First Walk, Level 3, and is currently open weekdays from 8am to 4pm. 
From 4th February, 2019, the Office will be open weekdays from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

T: (02) 9850 9460


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