Pocket Rockets

Pocket Rockets

Led by Dr Carol Newall and a team of experts from Macquarie University, Pocket Rockets is a fun, engaging and educational Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) workshop that will help your child develop a variety of higher order thinking skills and problem solving strategies.

Perfect for children aged 4 – 6 (and their parents!), these half-day workshops will act as a positive early experience with STEM and will involve play-based education in STEM activities including:

  • Robotics
  • Coding
  • Construction
  • Socio-dramatic play as scientists
  • Chemistry – be prepared to get your hands dirty!

And importantly, this is not just for children. Parents will also engage in collaborative play with their kids and will receive a valuable booklet filled with early childhood STEM activities to incorporate into everyday life. For further information please email casper@mq.edu.au.

About the project

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – or STEM as it is commonly known – will play a big part in determining the future of the next generation. Every part of our lives now, and in the years ahead – is profoundly shaped by technological innovation and science. So we need to then ask the following question: why are females less likely to pursue a career in STEM?

Women and STEM – the numbers just don’t add up

In some areas of STEM, women only represent 20% of the profession. Not only does this serve as a major loss for women (STEM jobs are associated with higher salaries), but it’s also a loss to our gross domestic productivity due to a reduced pool of innovators in the area.

Let’s tackle the problem early on

Research suggests that how children are encouraged to pursue STEM activities early in life might be related to their future endeavours in STEM. When children experience STEM activities that are exciting, fun, and engaging in the everyday context, it may motivate them to pursue STEM activities in formal settings like school and beyond as a career pathway. Girls for example, experience less encouragement from teachers and parents, and this might explain why they are less likely to enter the field. We hope to change this with our Pocket Rocket workshops for all children, by showing them that STEM is for everyone and can be fun and inspiring.  

At Macquarie University we have developed an innovative early-childhood STEM workshop that does exactly that.


Macquarie University is fortunate to have generous supporters of our STEM research and workshop. Their time and commitment help us provide leading early-childhood STEM education.

The Ian Potter Foundation

Established in 1964 by Australian financier, businessman and philanthropist, Sir Ian Potter (1902 – 1994), The Ian Potter Foundation supports and promotes excellence and innovation, facilitating positive social change and developing Australia’s creativity and capacity as a nation. They have been a stoic supporter of our STEM workshops since 2015, acknowledging their importance in developing the next generation of great thinkers.

St. George Foundation

The St. George Foundation supports children Australia-wide. Primarily focused on helping smaller community organisations provide a brighter future for socially, economically or physically disadvantaged children, the Foundation sees the importance of STEM education in positively affecting the lives of children from all backgrounds.

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