The Professional Digital Competencies projects showcase event

The Professional Digital Competencies projects showcase event

Event Name The Professional Digital Competencies projects showcase event
Start Date 28 Feb 2019 3:30 pm

You’re invited to a Showcase event for the Strategic Priority Grant Professional Digital Competencies Projects

Where: The Macquarie Incubator

When: Thursday February 28, starting at 3.30pm with refreshments and nibbles. Presentations start at 4.00pm.

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What is this all about?

The Professional Digital Competencies projects (PDC) was an initiative supported by a 2018 University Teaching and Learning Strategic Priority Grant. The projects comprised 12 targeted interventions managed by the Department of Educational Studies, engaging academic staff from PACE, and the Faculties of Human Sciences and Arts, in projects designed to:

  • build staff technological capability and digital literacy;
  • integrate digital technologies more effectively in units and programs;
  • trial new and emerging technologies in different teaching and learning contexts.

This showcase event will comprise 8 minute vignettes on key methods and outcomes from each of the projects. Projects to be showcased include:

  • Using near real time data in PACE units: an investigation of how digitally-harvested  data can be used to inform better understanding of PACE students’ needs, expectations and outcomes, and be used in the classroom as teaching resources;
  • Breaking the 4th Wall: using high quality video and H5P to engage off campus students more interactively with online learning content;
  • The Voices of Experience: Voice masking and recording technology to communicate personal stories in sexuality education;
  • Virtual reality in the history and philosophy of education: Learning educational theories through a VR quiz game;
  • ADB-TV. Video production in Ancient History and Archaeology: introducing and trialling digital humanities (video production) and peer-peer assessment methods;
  • Online interviewing across cultures: Improving job video interview techniques in multiple languages;
  • Building and trialling digital resources in online secondary teacher education programs: Design and implement digital learning activities to support external secondary teacher education methodology units
  • e-Folios in early childhood teacher education: investigating e-folios for enhancing student reflective practice;
  • A Lab in your Pocket: using mobile devices and apps in STEM education;
  • Improving teacher planning through virtual communities of practice: establishing and trialling a virtual professional community to feed back on student planning using Program Builder and Scootle;
  • Synchronous, flexible online learning in teacher education: integrating web conferencing into external teacher education;
  • Low-cost online learning content in Sociology: developing and trialling online learning modules to teach R in Sociology.

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