New Faculty Research Centre

New Faculty Research Centre

Dr. Celia Harris from the Department of Cognitive Science has recently been successful in applying for funding to lead a Faculty Research Centre for Scaffolding the Ageing Mind.  She is joined by other colleagues from within the Departments of Cognitive Science and Psychology, namely Professor John Sutton, Dr Amee Baird, Professor Amanda Barnier, Dr Monique Crane, Professor Greg Savage and Professor Bill Thompson.

The overarching aim of the Centre is to develop a coordinated, concentrated hub of research excellence in cognitive ageing and to understand how cognition can be scaffolded especially within an ageing population. We live our cognitive lives surrounded by internal and external, social and material supports; resources that become an integral part of our cognition. Such scaffolding is so ubiquitous as to appear unremarkable, but the possible extended-into-the-world nature of cognition has been the subject of theory and research across cognitive psychology, applied neuropsychology, and cognitive sciences including philosophy.

Scaffolding may have benefits across the lifespan, but especially for individuals who need additional cognitive support, such as people who experience both normal age-related cognitive decline and the pathological cognitive decline seen in dementia.

The proposed Centre aims to draw together researchers across disciplines with a common focus on understanding how different kinds of internal and external supports can be used to optimise and enhance memory, cognition, identity, and wellbeing in older adults.  The Centre will look to address how older adults benefit from social memory supports, from activities and practices such as music, and from leveraging internal resources such as resilience.  It will facilitate a shared focus on a significant problem by researchers from quite different backgrounds with a view to enhancing the innovation and productivity of our research, ensure a fuller understanding of cognitive scaffolding, and facilitate impact and engagement in this area.

Congratulations to Celia for securing the funding! Should you wish to learn more about the Centre and/or how you can become involved, please contact Dr Celia Harris directly.

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