ARC successes for the Faculty of Human Science!

ARC successes for the Faculty of Human Science!

This year, the Faculty of Human Science had an amazing success rate of 30% for ARC grants, compared to the national average of 19% and represents a significant investment in many areas of Human Sciences research!

Researchers from Cognitive Science had two amazing achievements with one grant within our department  and another in collaboration with the Department of Linguistics:

  • Professor John Sutton, Department of Cognitive Science has been awarded funding for his project ‘Cognitive ecologies: a philosophical study of collaborative embodied skills’ 

This project aims to develop a new theory of embodied collaboration and interaction in expert groups, asking how individuals with diverse technical and emotional skills align and cue their actions, or recover together from challenges. It combines foundational philosophical analysis and cognitive theory with empirical studies of experts in sport and music. The project will extend knowledge of how groups under pressure work in socially and culturally significant settings.

  • Professor David McAlpine, Department of Linguistics has been awarded funding for his project “Listen and learn - statistical learning and the adapting auditory brain

Project Team: Dr Nicholas Badcock; Dr Paul Sowman; Dr Maria Chait; Associate Professor Juanita Todd; Dr Jessica Monaghan; Dr Jaime Undurraga; Dr Nicol Harper

This project aims to explore the link between rapid neural adaptation - a form of learning referred to as statistical learning - and human listening performance in noisy environments. The project aims to generate a new understanding of mechanisms that contribute to listeners' abilities to understand speech in noise, and to complex communication disorders such as dyslexia. Expected outcomes will include increased capacity to investigate a broad range of cognitive and communication functions. Benefits will include potential technologies and algorithms to assist listening (in devices such as hearing aids), language development and reading. 

Other projects that achieved funding this year: 

  • Professor Mark Wiggins, Department of Psychology has been awarded funding for his project “Predicting misdiagnoses in the transition from competence to expertise” ($418,768)
  • Associate Professor Sheila Degotardi, Department of Educational Studies has been awarded funding for her project “Language for learning: Developing learning-oriented talk in long-day-care” 
  • Dr Joe BlytheDepartment of Linguistics has been awarded funding for his project “Australian Aboriginal conversational style” 
  • Professor Ingrid Piller, Department of Linguistics has been awarded funding for her project “Communicating with people who have limited English proficiency

A huge congratulations all round to the lead researchers and their teams on these successes.

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