All abuzz at the Cognitive Science stall this MQ Open Day

All abuzz at the Cognitive Science stall this MQ Open Day

Where can students get their hands on state-of-the art Emotiv headsets, explore the world of virtual reality and even be entertained by a magician? The the Cognitive Science stall on MQ Open Day! 

On 19th August 2017 Macquarie University hosted it's Open Day: Unlock your future. Each department was sent in full force to show future students just what we do and Cognitive Science set to amaze.

With representatives from the department including the head of department, lecturers, researchers and PhD candidates, there was a wonderful selection of minds that future students could approach in order to to learn just what it is we do! The stalls were set up with hand-on equipment that first years would normally encounter in their study of cognitive science including virtual reality headgear and state-of-the-art Emotiv headsets.

  The days events ranged from a series of impressive talks covering courses and current research, the exploring virtual worlds, students looking at their brain activity and even entertainment by a wondering magician. This is a open that won't be forgotten and has inspired many young minds to further explore the amazing possibilities available for study in our leading department.

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