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Events and Seminars

Seminars and Conferences

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    Seminars and conferences

    21st Feb 2017

    Join our seminars, conferences, and workshops and connect with our research and clinic members, students and visiting academics who will present ...

Showcases and Workshops

Changing our minds

25 October 2017

How does the technology we use affect our brains? Does our income level have a relationship to our brain waves? Find out these answers and more from the impressive Dr Tara Thiagarajan, a scientist and entrepreneur who’s not your typical academic. With a PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University, she currently holds roles as Chairperson, Chief Scientist and Managing Director of various companies and is also the Founder of Sapien Labs, a research organisation dedicated to understanding the diversity of brain dynamics across humanity.

Other talks by this speaker:

Seminar: From Brain Dynamics to Cognition

A Cog Sci/CCD seminar will be hosted on on Wednesday the 25th, 11am: Aus Hearing Hub, room 3.610: More information here. Cognitive Science early career researchers can contact Nic Badcock if interested in joining for lunch with Tara.

Workshop: Brainbase 

A workshop on using Brainbase will take place on Thursday the 26th, 10.30 to 3 pm. Brainbase is a platform to increase the accessibility of EEG research for all (current researchers to 'citizen scientists'). Spaces limited: register here.

Cognitive Science Research Showcase

27 July 2017

Ever wondered what your colleagues in the Department of Cognitive Science are working on? 
In this showcase researchers from across the Department will explain what they work on and why it is important. Presenters will give a brief overview of their area of research in just 3 minutes. These presentations will be less about specific findings and more about explaining the bigger picture scientific problems that need to be solved. 

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CCD Reading and Spelling Workshop

27-28th September 2017

The workshop, hosted by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders in conjunction with the The Macquarie University Reading Clinic, aims to bring together leading researchers from around the world to discuss reading and spelling development, disorders, remediation, and related policy. The workshop will have two parts, one day focused on practice and policy and one day focused on research.

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