How participation works, Psychology, Macquarie University

How participation works, Psychology, Macquarie University

How it works

Request for an account

Once you request for an account, your details (Username and Password) will be emailed to your email account.

Log in and sign up for a study

Log in with the username and password to the participation pool and sign up for any studies where you meet the requirements. If a study is only available to a specific group then it will state the restriction in the Title. (eg. male or female participants only). 

You will be able to sign up for the available timeslots until 24 hours before the timeslot. Once you have signed up you can cancel up until 24 hours before the timeslot. If you don't turn up to participate and you haven't cancelled then you will receive a penalty. See 'Penalties' below.

If you turn up to late to complete the participation within the timeslot the researcher may penalise you.


When you look at the available studies you will see the credit value for participation. This value is directly related to the participation time. See below for credit values for your course.

Credit for PSY104/ PSY105

1 credit = 30 minutes

You are expected to complete up to a maximum of 8 credits (4 hours).

The Research Participation component of both PSY104 and PSY105 (5% of total mark) involves FOUR hours participation (= total 8 credits) in research conducted in the Department of Psychology.

Time spent is credited on a pro rata basis. For example:

Participation TimeCredit Allocated
15 minutes0.5 credits
30 minutes1 credit
45 minutes1.5 credit
1 hour2 credits

Credit for PSY246

1 credit = 30 minutes

You are expected to complete 6 credits (3 hours).


Penalties for not turning up to a timeslot that you have booked are 50% of the credit value of that study. If the credit value is 0.5 (30 minutes) then the penalty will be 0.25 credits (15 minutes).

Paid Subject Pool

Once you have completed your course credit you may sign up for studies that are ad veri sed for payment instead of for credit. You can not exchange payment for credit or vice versa.

Need more information? Read this comprehensive guide (1MB pdf) covering all the options and features of the participation pool.

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