Research grants, Psychology, Macquarie University

Research grants, Psychology, Macquarie University

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Thompson, Bill



Funding Body





ARC Centre of Excellence

ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders

Crain, S., Rhodes, G., Hodges, J., Coltheart, M., Castles, A., Barnier, A., Brock, J., Byrne, B., Demuth, K., Green, M., Langdon, R., Johnson, B., McArthur, G., Miller, L., Nickels, L., Piguet, O., Savage, G., Thompson, W., Thornton, R. et al.



ARC CCD Cross Program Support Scheme

Our song: Music evoked collaborative memory in couples with and without acquired brain injury

Baird, A., Thompson, W., Bullot, N., Miller, L., Barnier, A., Sutton, J., & Harris, C



ARC Discovery Project

Music and language: psychological commonalities revealed

Thompson, W. & Schellenberg, E.G.



MU Research Infrastructure Block Grant

A transcranial direct current stimulator (tDCS) for the study of brain function in human cognition disorders

Sowman, P., Thompson, W.F., Johnson, B., McCarthy-Jones, S., Nickels, L., & Tawadros, P



MU Strategic Infrastructure Grant

Driving simulators.

Thompson, W., Irwin, J., Chekaluk, E., Curby, K., Tent, J., Lionel Howitt, R., Dowling, R., Batchelor, J., Warbuton, W., Brooks, K., Dean, C., Jones, M., & Wiggins, M.



ARC CCD Cross Program Support Scheme

Characterising disorders of auditory-based communication skills.

Thompson, W., Johnson, B., McArthur, G., Kinoshita, S., & Sun, Y.



ARC CCD Cross Program Support Scheme

Powering up the right hemisphere when words fail: Augmenting melodic intonation therapy (MIT) with non-invasive brain stimulation to treat impaired left-hemisphere function.

Thompson, W., Sowman, P., Savage, G., Nickels, L., & Hodges, J.



MU Research Development Grant

Skilled decoding of dynamic faces: Interactions between perception, action, and emotion.

Curby, K.M., & Thompson, W



MU Research Infrastructure Block Grant Scheme

A virtual reality setup for studying hand movements.

Williams, M.A., Friedman, J., Finkbeiner, M., Thompson, W., Johnson, B., Brooks, K., Sowman, P.



ARC Discovery Project

Vocal Emotional Communication

Thompson, W. & Palmer, C.



MU Research Infrastructure Block Grant Scheme

Integrating EEG and Motion Capture to better understand movements and their underlying electrophysiology

Finkbeiner, M., Johnson, B., Kinoshita, S., Castles, A., Thompson, W., Crain, S., & Harrison, R.E.



MU Research Infrastructure Block Grant Scheme

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Williams, M.A, Thompson, W., Savage, G., Barnier, A., Johnson, B., & Finkbeiner, M.



MU Strategic Research Infrastructure Fund

Psychology/MACCS Motion Capture Group

Thompson, W., Shores, A., Stevenson, R., Case, T., Williams, M.A., McIlwain, D., Sutton, J., & Palermo, R.



ARC Discovery Project Grant

Music, Arousal, and Mood: The Role of Loudness and Loudness Change in Cross-Cultural Music Perception.

Stevens, C., Thompson, W.F., & Cross, I.


Titov, Nick



Funding Body





Canadian Institutes of Health Research Partnership

Improving access to internet cognitive behavior therapy for depression and anxiety

Hadjistavropoulos, H., Butz, C., Marchildon, G., Hadjistavropoulos, T., Novik, N., White, G., Titov, N., Dear, B., Andersson, G.


2012 - 2015

Department of Health and Ageing, Australian Government

Virtual Clinic project: Develop and operate a national telephone and online treatment service for Australians with anxiety and depression.

Titov, N., Klein, B., Bennett-Levy, J., Rapee, R., Shann, C., Dear, B. F.


2012 - 2015

beyondblue: the national depression initiative

An open-trial, randomised controlled trial, and pragmatic evaluation of an internet-delivered intervention for reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety in young adults aged 18-24 years.

Titov, N., Rapee, R., Dear, B. F., & Lorian, C.

$315, 000

2012 - 2015

New South Wales Motor Accidents Authority

Towards effective dissemination of a low intensity chronic pain management course.

Dear, B. F., Titov, N., Nicholson Perry, K., Sharpe, L., & Nicholas, M. K.



NHMRC Project Grant

A randomised controlled trial of dizziness interventions based on a multidisciplinary assessment in older people: towards the development of a multiple profile assessment of dizziness the MPA-D

Lord, S., Menant, J.,Dr Migliaccio, A., Titov, N., Close,J., Delbaere,K.

$589 772


Macquarie University Safety Net Grant

What works, what is safe, and for whom? A pragmatic randomised controlled trial comparing 5 models of support during trans-diagnostic internet treatment for anxiety and depression.

Titov, N., Klein, B., Bennett-Levy, J., Knight, R. G., & Dear, B. F.



Macquarie University Research Infrastructure Block Grant

Expanding the capacity of treatment at the Centre for Emotional Health: Internet and mobile treatment of mental disorders.

Titov, N., Dear, B. F., Rapee, R., & Hudson, J



Motor Accident Authority

The Pain Program: A randomized controlled trial of an internet delivered treatment program for managing chronic pain

Dear, B., Titov, N.

$71 254


Beyondblue: The National Depression Initiative

The Wellbeing Program: Internet based education programs for anxiety and depression in older adults

Titov, N., Dear, B. F.



NHMRC Project Grant

Trans-diagnostic Internet-based treatment of anxiety and depression

Titov,N., Craske,M., McEvoy,P.



Beyondblue: Strategic Research Fund

An RCT of the Chinese-Australian Sadness Program

Titov, N., Andrews, G.



Australian Rotary Health Research Fund

Internet-based education for generalized anxiety disorder: A randomized controlled trial

Titov, N., Andrews, G., Mahoney, A.


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