2014 Psychology HDR completions, Psychology, Macquarie University

2014 Psychology HDR completions, Psychology, Macquarie University

starAwarded the Vice Chancellor's Commendation

Doctor of Philosophy


Thesis Title


Dr Samantha Maree Adams

Feeling less than human: The causes and consequences of dehumanisation from the target's perspective

Dr Trevor Case

Dr Farah Deeba

The assessment, impact and management of psychological reactions to trauma among Bangladeshi children

Prof Ron Rapee

Dr Amanda Elizabeth Ferguson

An Exploration of Employee Engagement in Medical Contexts

Prof Julie Fitness

Dr Miriam Kate Forbes

A latent variable approach to understanding the relationships between sexual dysfunctions and depressive and anxiety disorders

Dr Carolyn Schniering

Dr Sue-Anne Greig

The Determinants of Emotionally Healthy Parenting and the Transmission of Emotion Regulation from Parent to Child

Dr Carolyn Schniering

Dr Owen Scott Gwinn

Adaptive face processing and the role of norms

A/Prof Kevin Brooks

Dr Thenille Braun Janzen

Rhythmic Movement: the Role of Expectancy and Skill in Event and Emergent Timing

Prof Bill Thompson

Dr Alex Knopman

Neuropsychological functioning, FDG-PET hypometabolism and post-surgical seizure outcome in medically intractable focal epilepsy.

Prof Dick Stevenson

Dr Sze-Chun Lee

Early characterisation and treatment of cognitive deficits in schizophrenia, major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder

Dr Melanie Porter

Dr Timothy Andrew Marsh

Empathy modulation and coalition management: An evolutionary theory of moral judgement and prejudice

Dr Simon Boag

Dr Wendy Gay Roncolato

Maternal Orientation in Pregnancy and Early Motherhood: Infant Caregiving Practices and Maternal Adjustments

A/Prof Cathy McMahon

Dr Jay Michael Spence

The acceptability and evaluation of Internet-delivered treatments for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Prof Nick Titov

Dr Katelin Amy Sutton

An exploration of gossip as an intrasexual competition strategy

Dr Megan Oaten

Dr James Webb

Predictors of effort test failure during neuropsychological evaluation in cases of traumatic brain injury

Dr Jennifer Batchelor

Dr Siham Yahya

The Right to Love in Spite of the Tribe: The interaction between culture, religion, and social pressure, on interfaith and cross-cultural dating and marriage

Dr Simon Boag

Doctor of Philosophy with the degree Master of Clinical Psychology

Dr Heidi Brummert Lennings

The Role of Children's Coping Self-Efficacy Beliefs in the Context of Parental Conflict: Implications for Children's Psychological Adjustment

A/Prof Kay Bussey

Dr Anna-Lisa Camberis

Psychological Maturity and the Transition to Parenthood: A Study of Older First-Time Mothers

A/Prof Cathy McMahon

Dr Rhiannon Julie Fogliatistar

The Effect of Cross-Examination on Children's Report

A/Prof Kay Bussey

Dr Carly Jan Johnco star

Learning Cognitive Restructuring in Later Life:  The Role of Cognitive Flexibility on Cognitive Restructuring Skill Acquisition in Older Adults with Anxiety and Depression

Prof Ron Rapee

Co-Supervisor: Dr Viviana Wuthrich

Dr Josephine Kearney

A Longitudinal Analysis of Disclosure and the Psychosocial Outcomes of Adolescent Information Management

A/Prof Kay Bussey

Dr Catherine Quinn

Social Cognitive Processors Associated with Underage Drinking and Alcohol-related Harm

A/Prof Kay Bussey

Dr Dusanka Tadic

Age differences in wellbeing: the role of emotion regulation, cognitive biases and coping

Dr Viviana Wuthrich

Doctor of Philosophy with the degree Master of Clinical Neuropsychology

Dr Genevieve Lauren Yu Jing Quek

The Modulatory Effects of Attention and Spatial Location on Masked Face-Processing: Insights from the Reach-to-Touch Paradigm

A/Prof Matthew Finkbeiner

Doctor of Philosophy with the degree Master of Organisational Psychology

Dr Nicole Jennifer Weeks

Dynamic Hypothesis Testing: Mechanisms that drive decisions under uncertainty

A/Prof Colin Wastell

Doctor of Psychology (Organisational Psychology)

Dr Jeffrey Edward Brown

Stakeholder Perceptions of Selection: Analysis of applicants' and stakeholders' perceptions of methods used to select medical students in undergraduate medical education

A/Prof Barbara Griffin

Dr Laura Catherine Kirby

Developing Experimental Methodologies for Examining the Proactivity Process

Dr Ben Searle

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology)

Dr Louise Barrett

The Rehabilitation of Prospective Memory.

Dr Jennifer Batchelor

Dr Gabrielle Brawn

Adaptive functioning and reading in Williams syndrome (WS), a genetic disorder (microdeletion on chromosome 7)

Dr Melanie Porter

Dr Jessica Massey

The effect of psychological distress on cognitive outcome following mild traumatic brain injury

Dr Susanne Meares

Dr Sally McSwiggan

An evaluation of the content of capacity reports written by psychologists, psychiatrists, and geriatricians for adult guardianship

Dr Susanne Meares

Dr Thomas Morris

Structural & Functional Asymmetries in Alzheimer's Disease

Dr Jennifer Batchelor

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)

Dr Sinead Berry

Understanding Mind-Mindedness: Maternal Correlates and the Experience of Parenting, Parenting Behaviour and Child Behaviour

A/Prof Cathy McMahon

Dr Diane Hsiao Yuan Chew

Exploring the Patterns of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and the Utility of a Rejection-abuse Cycle Model of IPV on a Male and Female Singapore Prison Sample.

A/Prof Jac Brown

Dr Bridget Davis

Cognitive-Affective Processing: Pursuing the Therapeutic Implications of the Interacting Cognitive Subsystems Model

A/Prof Andrew Baillie

Dr Carmen Lorena Germain

An Investigation of Anger Regulation in Two Clinical Groups: Veterans with Combat-PTSD and Individuals with High Trait Anger

A/Prof Maria Kangas

Dr Katherine McGill

An Examination of Predictors of Mental Health, Efficacy and Dissemination of a Group Education Program for Carers of People with Depression

Dr Carolyn Schniering

Dr Amanda Mullin

Randomised controlled trial - treating anxiety and depression in tertiary students online

Prof Nickolai Titov

Dr Lee Taylor

Drug use in pregnancy: an exploration of a high risk, drug abusing group of Australian women and their infants

Prof Ron Rapee

Master of Philosophy

Dr Penelope Anne Faure

Improving Career Transition Success

A/Prof Doris McIlwain

Dr Tahnee Susan Nicholson

Incivility and recovery: Relationships at the day, the person and the team level

A/Prof Barbara Griffin

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