Young Researchers Support Fund

Young Researchers Support Fund

Our higher degree researchers have proved that they have the ability, the desire and the tenacity to succeed. Now it’s time for us to make sure they do.

We all know what it is like to make sacrifices, but for our local and international research students, the sacrifice can often be too great. Sometimes, it even puts completing the course in jeopardy.

This happened to one of our international students, a mother of two whose husband was also retraining to work in Australia. With every dollar from part-time work going towards her Master of Research tuition fees of $30,000, she struggled with the family finances.

Thankfully, a gracious and generous supervisor stepped in to make sure that “the quality of her thesis wasn’t hampered”. Believing the student was “one with great promise,” he offered to help from his personal savings. He says he simply “could not stand by and watch her give up”.

And neither can we.

That’s why we’re establishing the Young Researchers Support Fund to help students with financial or other disadvantages complete their studies. There is a dearth of scholarships available for this period of their education, which is why our students are struggling.

But we can change that.

With your help, we can directly reduce the financial pressure and conflicting demands our higher research students experience while studying. Because when we value the diversity of our students, we ensure we all prosper in an ever-changing, global economy.

May the generosity of one inspire the generosity of many.

Will you be one of them?

Your donation to the Young Researchers Support Fund will increase available resources to our early career researchers and domestic and international research students. It will ensure our students are able to finish what they came here to start.

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