Get the industry research data you need from a university you can trust

Actively partnering with industry and government keeps our research and curriculum relevant and offers optimal value to you with thought leadership and visionary analysis. You can be sure that our researchers are well funded and supported, and that they have the flexibility to be truly innovative in their approach.

To make sound business decisions and to confidently set policy direction, you need quality industry research. But that means more than just data availability. In today's information-rich world, the data may very well be out there already. That's actually part of the problem: There's too much data available. Finding it all and then analysing it is time-consuming and requires specialist research expertise.

With the capacity to facilitate cross-disciplinary research, you will benefit from accessing in-depth research data, analysis and interpretation across a range of domains, from financial risk, ethics and governance to applied finance, health economics, management and marketing. Our appetite to engage and exchange knowledge as well as apply research findings is why we are recognised as a leading industry research organisation, with highly respected programs.

That's where we can help. We can provide you with unbiased industry research data, analysis and interpretation.

Engage with us: find innovative solutions

Solve your complex business challenges or analyse issues of national significance.

Access great connections

Benefit from links with multinational companies, dynamic Australian business entities, Government bodies and Not-For-Profit social venture organisations.

Attain real world analysis and forecasts

Research reports are not just comprehensive, they go beyond mere statistics to include expert analysis and reliable forecasts that enhance strategy and policy formulation.

Acquire commercially relevant research

Take advantage of our expertise and receive dedicated, cost-effective consultation.

Partner with subject matter specialists

Collaborate with specialists who possess in-depth industry relevant knowledge and can deliver you unbiased, independent research, backed by the reputation of a major university.

Advantageous cross disciplinary collaborations

Branch out, gain new perspectives and pursue ideas to address real world problems.

Receive ongoing advice

Be supported with ongoing research, analysis and advice. Track industry developments, study trends and quantify insights.

Customised research

Research and analysis are designed specifically around your organisation’s industry challenges and time scale. Practical outcomes for small and large scale projects alike.

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