Our innovative programs are developing tomorrow’s leaders. In consultation with today’s business community, our integrated curriculum is continually responding to a rapidly changing environment.

Our successful collaborations with industry partners are driven by a multidisciplinary approach to challenges in business and economics.

Macquarie Optus Cyber Security Hub

The Faculty of Business and Economics is one of the founding faculties of the Macquarie University Optus Cyber Security Hub. Through the Hub, the Faculty of Business and Economics offers class-leading programs in Cyber Security Governance and Risk management, equipping the business leaders of tomorrow with the skills and knowledge to navigate a world of complex cyber risk.

The Hub is at the centre of a multidisciplinary network of expertise and leadership in cyber security. It offers a platform for exchange between academics and practitioners from business and government, and aims to meet the growing market and demand for cyber security expertise among new graduates as well as current professionals.

Members of the Macquarie Optus Cyber Security Hub have access to a range of executive education and training opportunities, annual forums and thought leadership events, and to an untapped talent pool of Macquarie graduates.

Visit the Macquarie University Optus Cyber Security Hub website.

Incubation activities and hackathons

The Macquarie University Incubator is a brand new space for students, researchers, staff, small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs and start ups who are working on research or an idea that can be commercialised. The primary purpose of the Incubator is to provide a vibrant and accessible space for you to focus on your business idea.

Student-led innovation: Working directly with disruptor companies and innovation experts, students are offered first-hand exposure to real-world problem solving, most recently seen in the Incubator 360 competition.

In collaboration with GoGet, United Networks (and sponsored by NAB), students explored the two companies with an interactive Q&A and accepted the challenge of proposing new areas for synergy between the two companies – prize winners pitched a viable, working business model for a dynamic business ecosystem.

Previous hackathons have seen participants tackle issues in healthcare and data science. The new Macquarie Incubator allows for a range of activities and opportunities for collaboration in an innovative space. It is a brand-new space for students, researchers, staff, small to medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and start-ups who are working on research or an idea that can be commercialised. The primary purpose of the Incubator is to provide a vibrant and accessible space for the development of innovative business ideas.

Visit the Macquarie University Incubator website.

Business Innovation Hub

The Business Innovation Hub is focused on meaningful collaborations between Macquarie and external partners, enriching the learning experience for students, solving complex business challenges and analysing significant business and social issues through their formal studies and co-curricular activities. This enriches the student experience and provides partners with access to an untapped talent pool.

The Business Innovation Program, in conjunction with FBE PACE (Professional and Community Engagement), is available to a select group of students operating in small multidisciplinary teams for students prepared for a different experience to the traditional internship model.

Partnering with GoGet for Session 2, 2017, students were presented with problems requiring consideration of operational, technological and communication elements. Under the guidance of their lecturer and mentor, students are able to make the most of this experience by being directly involved with partner organisations and by drawing on resources and expertise from Macquarie’s staff and facilities.

Macquarie University’s Business Innovation Challenge presents secondary students with real business problems to solve. Run in collaboration with Incept Labs, the Business Innovation Challenge is purposefully designed to foster creativity and ingenuity, while introducing students to the reality and ambiguity of working in the modern business world. The Faculty of Business and Economics has run a series of Business Innovation Challenges throughout 2018 with over 300 students having participated in the program to date.

Benefits of engaging with the hub:

  • Innovative solutions: Solve your complex business challenges or analyse issues of national significance.
  • Exciting opportunities for students and external partners: Engage in real-world problem solving, enrich the student experience and gain access to an untapped talent pool.
  • Student-led innovation: Work directly with disruptors to offer students first-hand exposure to innovation.

Finance Lab

Macquarie’s new Finance Decision Lab facilitates collaboration with industry, regulators, governments and leading overseas universities to ensure research outcomes are robust, realistic and relevant. It offers optimal value to research partners through a pragmatic, commercially aware and creative approach.

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