Our innovative thought leadership series is a platform for intellectual debate that presents cutting-edge thinking and groundbreaking ideas to address financial, economic and political challenges.

Past events

10 November 2016 - Charting Australia’s Business Challenges

On 4 November, the Faculty of Business and Economics held a Thought Leadership luncheon for industry partners and faculty members. The event aimed to critically examine Australia’s historical and economic challenges so as to chart its future landscape for research and development.

Presenting at the event were Phil Ruthven AM, Founder of IBISWorld and Dr Robert Kay, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Incept Labs, followed by a panel discussion chaired by Nathan Taylor, Chief Economist of CEDA with Macquarie University’s Professor Lisa Magnani, Head of the Economics Department joining the speakers in the panel. Professor Philomena Leung, Associate Dean, Corporate Engagement and International hosted the event.

Phil Ruthven AM consolidated over 40 years’ of data analytics. He spoke to the audience about current global economic challenges and how they concern Australia – focusing on topics that include the world’s economic scene, the society and labour market, politics, and how these changes impact the Australian economy. He also discussed what businesses have done to achieve success in the current economic environment.

To prepare for our future generations, Dr Robert Kay presented findings from his studies on the question of human capital development; and what future citizens will have to deal with. Dr Kay highlighted the importance of change and collaborations to advance education models, and the problems with current teaching quality in schools. He reiterated Albert Einstein’s saying that “No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it”.

Facilitating the Q&A panel was Nathan Taylor, Chief Economist of Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA). He raised topics on the skills required to succeed in the changing world, the effects of artificial intelligence in the current and future economic environment, and how the political environment can influence the decisions and growth of the global economy.

The Faculty of Business and Economics has a well-established tradition of being engaged and applied, and it showcased how it collaborates with businesses and communities to create and share knowledge that addresses business and societal challenges.

This event is part of the Faculty’s ‘Thought Leadership Series’ which provides a collaborative engagement platform to explore economic trends and deliver expert analysis.

If you wish to view a full copy of Phil Ruthven’s presentation please click here

If you wish to view a full copy of Dr Robert Kay’s presentation please click here

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