Why partner with us?

Why partner with us?

A professional partnership with the Faculty of Business and Economics offers powerful insights, influential connections, collaborative opportunities and the ability to help shape the future of business on a global scale.

Partnership benefits

  • Gain insights into innovative solutions and unbiased analysis.
  • Advance your workforce capability.
  • Contribute to the development of knowledge and expertise.
  • Boost your leadership pipeline and connect with tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Deepen your understanding of global issues and stay ahead of the crowd.
  • Expand your connections and develop strategic opportunities.


Effective engagement 

Our professional partnerships are strategic and purposeful. Your business objectives remain at the fore to ensure results for both your organisation and the leaders of tomorrow.  

Opportunities for engagement 

  • Enrich your reputation: Sponsor a research project or event, or offer philanthropic support for academic programs.  
  • Boost your profile: Be seen by influential audiences by speaking at events, guest lecturing or being involved with alumni events. 
  • Upskill your workforce: Grow your talent and become an innovative enterprise by exploiting our tailored leadership training. 
  • Promote academic excellence: Associate with high achievers and recognise excellence by awarding monetary prizes or placement opportunities for outstanding academic performance.  
  • Invest in education: Directly support excellence through dedicated scholarships and foundations. 
  • Collaborate with leading minds: Work with us on research, explore commercialisation opportunities, and gain access to government-funded grant programs. 
  • Recruit top-tier students: Attract and leverage the best talent through internships or work experience.  
  • Provide business leadership: As a member of our industry board, you can help keep educational programs relevant, provide long-range strategic advice and influence the next generation. 

Developing leadership talent

A partnership with the Faculty of Business and Economics offers outstanding opportunities to develop leadership skills – both within an organisation and in fostering tomorrow’s business leaders. 

Executive education

Innovation and meaningful change within our partner organisations is cultivated through our world-class executive education programs tailored to help your staff become highly capable, visionary leaders within a global business context. We have provided executive education programs for:

  • chief financial officers and finance managers of local and metropolitan councils in New South Wales 
  • sales and portfolio management teams at BT Investment Management 
  • actuaries from multiple industries and corporations through the Actuaries Institute. 

We have also conducted high-level visits, networking opportunities and knowledge exchange as part of the advanced leadership program for the Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning (CAFRAL) – an independent body set up by the Reserve Bank of India. 

Career development programs 

Developing the next generation of business leaders is just one of the many long-term benefits of our professional partnership program. This is achieved through mentoring programs and business case competitions, as well as tailored career development programs. Partners include: 

  • Deloitte 
  • EY 
  • Macquarie Bank 
  • Optus. 


As a leading industry research organisation with highly respected programs, our priority is to engage, exchange knowledge and apply our research findings. 

We recruit first-class researchers and develop strong intellectual capability among our students. Our pioneering research centres consistently impart valued expertise across industry sectors. They are the Centre for the Health Economy, the Centre for Financial Risk and the Centre for Workforce Futures. 

As a collaborative partner with the faculty, you will access exceptional industry research that allows you to make innovative business decisions and confidently set policy direction. Our capacity to facilitate cross-disciplinary research gives you access to in-depth research data, analysis and interpretation across a range of domains – from financial risk, ethics and governance to applied finance, health economics, management and marketing.  

Collaboration outcomes 

  • Innovative solutions: Solve your complex business challenges or analyse issues of national significance. 
  • Impressive connections: Benefit from links with multinational companies, dynamic Australian business entities, government bodies and not-for-profit social venture organisations. 
  • Commercially relevant research: Dedicated, cost-effective consultation by industry experts. 
  • Cross-disciplinary collaborations: New perspectives and ideas to address real-world problems. 
  • Analysis and forecasts: Comprehensive research reports with expert analysis and reliable forecasts that enhance strategy and policy formulation. 
  • Subject-matter specialists: In-depth, industry-relevant knowledge delivered through unbiased, independent research backed by the reputation of a major university. 
  • Customised research: Research and analysis designed around your organisation’s industry challenges and timescale. Practical outcomes for small- and large-scale projects. 

Collaborative research projects 

  • Solving industry challenges – Australian Self-Medication Industry Footprint Study. 
  • Specialist involvement in – Testing and Evaluating WHS Reporting Indicators and Guidelines, funded by Safe Work Australia. 
  • An analysis of risk behaviour of bank employees – Elements of Risk Governance and Culture, jointly funded by the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research with participation from major Australian and Canadian banks. 
  • Conceptual research development and testing of Chinese management practice – The Third Way, jointly funded by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. 

Executive events  

Our program of events gives you the opportunity to join the leadership debate, work on strategies to address business challenges, develop research and strategies that drive business growth, and analyse developments in financial research. Our executive events include: 

  • Lighthouse Lecture Series 
  • CFO forum  
  • HR managers’ network  
  • Financial Risk Day conference.
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