Lighthouse Lecture Series: The Time of Money

Lighthouse Lecture Series: The Time of Money

Debts we can’t repay, wages that don’t cover our cost of living and struggling degree-educated millennials working unpaid internships. These are just some of the financial issues facing our society today that pose the question: Why do we now not earn enough to live?

On Monday 21 August 2017 in the fourth instalment of Macquarie University’s Lighthouse Lecture Series, Professor Lisa Adkins from the University of Newcastle presented a public lecture on the topic of The Time of Money. Professor Adkins covered a range of issues on how the logic of speculation is transforming our everyday lives and will consider how this impacts our society.

In this talk Adkins contended that a logic of speculation is at the heart of capitalist accumulation strategies and guides and directs the dynamics of social formation. At issue here are household debts that outstrip the probabilities of repayment, wages that do not cover the costs of life and work that does not pay. Also at issue are forms of practice attuned not to the reproduction of labour but to the optimization of payment. 

Professor Adkins suggested that as a mode of social organisation the logic of speculation must be recognised not simply to have replaced a previous social order in a totalising fashion, but as emergent and as subsisting alongside other modes.


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