FBE VISA Scholar Seminar for HDR Students

FBE VISA Scholar Seminar for HDR Students

The FBE VISA Scholar Seminar for HDR Students on Getting Published will be presented by Jean Helms Mills, Professor of Management at Saint Mary’s University (Canada) and Professor Albert J. Mills, Director of the Sobey School of Business PhD Management Program at Saint Mary’s University (Canada).

Jean Helms Mills and Albert J. Mills are co-editors of the international journal Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management.

Building on their years of editorial involvement, the speakers will focus on how to get your research published in (mainly qualitative) scholarly journals. The talk will take audience members through the nuts and bolts of `the how to’ get a paper published in a scholarly journal. The talk will be illustrated with various examples and the session will be interactive - inviting and encouraging the audience to ask questions and to offer experiences for discussion.

Event Details

Monday 5 March 2018
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Seminar Room 523
Level 5, Building 4ER
Register by 1 March 2018

The Speakers

Albert J. Mills

Albert’s research focuses on the impact of organizational life on people, especially the development, maintenance, and changing character of discriminatory practices. A key part of his studies involves understanding the role of history and the past. He has largely pursued this focus through a series of long term studies of commercial aviation, in particular British Airways, Pan American Airways, Air Canada and, more recently Qantas. The outcome of these studies can be seen in over forty books and Special Issues, and over 100 journals articles and a similar number of book chapters.

Jean Helms Mills

Jean is a Full Professor of Management at Saint Mary’s University (Canada); she is an International Reader at the University of Helsinki (Finland); a Docent at the universities of Jysvskyla and the University of Eastern Finland, and has served as a Senior Research Fellow at Hanken University (Finland) since 2008. She is the author of several books, including the Routledge Companion to Critical Management Studies (2015), and the recent Ageing, Organizations and Management (Palgrave, 2017). She serves on the editorial boards of several journals and has also been guest editor on 12 other journals.


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