R2-R for Research Workshop

R2-R for Research Workshop

R, an open source software package and environment for statistical computing and graphics to be presented by Dr Abhay K Singh, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Finance.

The content of the workshop is derived from Dr Singh’s recently published book entitled, R in Finance & Economics: A Beginner’s Guide. The R language has received a lot of attention in the last 5 years or so particularly with its growing use by researchers, statisticians and data miners for their empirical analysis and software development. The growth in the number of R users in recent years has indicated that researchers around the world are either using R or will use it at some point.

The R2-R for Research workshop is designed to provide an introduction to R to the participants which will make it easier for them to use R. The most daunting part for people coming from a non-programming background is to write few lines of code. The main objective of the workshop is to introduce R and RStudio and their various capabilities and help the participants in getting started with coding in R.

This workshop specifically targets Higher Degree Research (HDR) students and researchers who are either beginners in R or want to get started. The workshop will cover topics ranging from introduction to the R environment, programming basics, data exploration, and data visualisation to statistical techniques like Regression analysis.

Event Details

23 - 24 April 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Finance Decision Lab
Building 4ER, Level 1
Wednesday 18 April 2018

The workshop outline can be viewed here.

The Instructor

Dr Abhay Singh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Finance. His primary area of research is in Financial Risk Modelling, including Econometrics and Multivariate Analysis, Investment Analysis and Asset Pricing.

Dr Singh has ongoing projects that include Multivariate Analysis using Vine Copulas, Financial Risk Modelling and forecasting using Econometric methods among others. He is also involved in interdisciplinary research in Social Media and Data Analytics with an ongoing project on the use of Social Media in Business to Business communication.

Abhay has published research in numerous international research outlets including high quality ABDC ranked A/A* journal. While he has also recently published his first book, titled “R in Finance & Economics: A Beginners Guide” which focuses on quantitative research methods in Finance/Econometrics using R.

A big believer in open source software and user of  R for statistical computing including quantitative research methods for several years, Dr Singh has over eight years’ experience in quantitative finance research including econometrics modelling using statistical software.


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