Completed research theses

Since 1989, there have been nearly 600 research theses completed at the Masters and Doctoral level within the Business, Economics and Management discipline at Macquarie University. Higher Degree Research theses constitute the heart of research at Macquarie.

Research topics span the width and breadth of the Business, Economics and Management disciplines, and involve various methodological approaches to addressing problems. Research theses can be pure, to improve our understanding of theories that explain and predict natural phenomena; or applied, which seeks to address and solve real world problems. They can also be exploratory which studies a problem that has not been examined in depth, or descriptive that describes characteristics of a population or phenomenon.

You can access a list of our past student HDR completions up until October 2017, according to student name, degree, year, thesis title and academic supervisor/s. View the full list. Theses are available in print format, microfilm format or digital format though the Macquarie University library. Please see the collections section for further information.

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