Our research

Our research

Developing solutions is deeply ingrained in the department’s teaching staff. Our academics undertake problem-based research that often involves collaboration with public, private and not-for-profit sector organisations.

Our research themes

Research themes within the Department of Marketing and Management include:

Entrepreneurship, Creativity & SMEs

Entrepreneurship and creativity are seen as the new frontier of knowledge development and application, helping to drive societal progress. This shift in focus to practical innovation is intertwined with the transition from the industrial to the entrepreneurial society. This research area examines knowledge transfer—between people and within organisations—and how knowledge is used through creative, entrepreneurial processes, such as starting new organisations or developing new products, services or improved practices.

Scott Koslow

International Business

This research area analyses all cross-border business activity by both multinational and small to medium size enterprises, international networks, transfer of knowledge, entrepreneurial activities, and international human resource management. Projects aim to understand the diverse activities that comprise international business and its influence on the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of people globally. The Department’s innovative research is multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-locational. Research explores the flow of people, products and services to meet changing global consumer demands, and the challenges and opportunities that arise from links and barriers that exist between national economies.

Yimin (Stephanie) Huang


Marketing is central to organisational strategy and performance, and also in changing perceptions of societal issues. Our Department has a strong focus on research that examines problems being faced by marketers in the real world. Projects explore the analytic and creative approaches marketing professionals take in the course of their work. This includes ways of understanding consumers, building trust, and value-adding through product development, pricing, distribution channels, persuasive communications and behaviour change strategies.

Scott Koslow, Lawrence Ang, Chris Baumann, Ross Gordon, Cynthia WebsterJana Bowden, Leanne Carter, Yimin (Stephanie) HuangJune Buchanan, Con Korkofingas, Abas Mirzaei, LayPeng Tan.

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