Our people

Our people

Aron OCass

Head of Department

Professor Aron O'Cass

Academic staff

Position Staff MemberEmailPhoneLocation
Professor Prof Scott Koslow scott.koslow@mq.edu.au 8459 4ER 637
Professor Prof Aron O'Cass aron.ocass@mq.edu.au 8558 4ER 508
Associate Professor   A/Prof Lawrence Ang lawrence.ang@mq.edu.au 9135 4ER 638
Associate Professor   A/Prof Chris Baumann chris.baumann@mq.edu.au 8551 4ER 634
Associate Professor   A/Prof Cynthia Webster cynthia.webster@mq.edu.au 4857 4ER 640
Associate Professor  A/Prof Ralf Wildenralf.wilden@mq.edu.au14134ER 253
Associate Professor A/Prof Jana Bowden jana.bowden-everson@mq.edu.au 1813 4ER 650
Senior Lecturer Dr Leanne Carter leanne.carter@mq.edu.au 6467 4ER 631
Senior Lecturer Dr Vida Siahtiri vida.siahtiri@mq.edu.au 8453 4ER 507
Senior Lecturer Dr Yimin (Stephanie) Huangstephanie.huang@mq.edu.au 8496 4ER 450
Senior Lecturer Dr LayPeng Tanlaypeng.tan@mq.edu.au 8505 4ER
Lecturer Dr June Buchanan june.buchanan@mq.edu.au 9616 4ER 630
Lecturer Dr Con Korkofingas con.korkofingas@mq.edu.au 8545 4ER 629
Lecturer Dr Abas Mirzaei abas.mirzaei@mq.edu.au 8560 4ER 639
Lecturer Dr Jun Yao jun.yao@mq.edu.au 8453 4ER 653
Lecturer Dr Shahin Sharifi shahin.sharifi@mq.edu.au 9173    4ER 212

Professional staff

PositionStaff MemberEmailPhoneLocation
Senior Department Administrative OfficerMs Irene Ngirene.ng@mq.edu.au48234ER 507
Department AdministratorMrs Philippa Comerfordphilippa.comerford@mq.edu.au94494ER 519A
Department AdministratorMr Oliver Manlutacoliver.manlutac@mq.edu.au 48014ER 519B
Department Administrative AssistantMr Mehdi Azammehdi.azam@mq.edu.au 48034ER 507
Teaching AssistantMr John Truongjohn.truong@mq.edu.au 11594ER 648A
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