International study tours

International study tours

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Explore marketing and management on an international scale while you study by enroling in one of our rewarding study tour units.

China Business Tour

MGMT340 International Study Tour (China)

Experience China and learn how this dynamic country manages to achieve high growth rates, while the rest of the world is experiencing economic downturn. Develop knowledge and understanding of the economic, cultural, political and social environment in China through pre-departure seminars and first-hand observation during a two-week study tour. Visit Chinese companies and explore historical and cultural sites in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou. This unit delivers an intellectually fulfilling and culturally stimulating experience that helps students to appreciate cultural differences and prepare to become a global citizen.

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India Business Tour

MGMT330 International Study Tour (India)

Other than China, India is the only emerging economy growing at double-digit rates. Students of marketing and management cannot afford to be ignorant of India’s vast market and how to conduct business in the country. This study tour is an elective for all Bachelor of Commerce majors and is an excellent opportunity to discover the economic, political, social and cultural environment of India. The unit includes a series of seminars and a two-week tour to observe businesses in India up close. Develop an appreciation of the ways in which business operations and business systems differ across national boundaries, which you will use to prepare a written report at the end of the tour.

Read more about our 2018 tour to India.

India Tour 2017

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