Seminars & Conferences

Seminars & Conferences

Throughout the year the Department of Marketing & Management holds specialized seminars for students, staff, alumni and members of the community. Each semester academics and students organise special guest speakers to come and present to the peer group with industry knowledge and insight into our profession. The department is also pleased to have had their very own academics present seminars in the field of their ongoing research.

Department Seminars

In 2017 we will continue to hold regular seminars. Please bookmark this page to view current details. As always we will cover interesting and relevant research topics. The titles and abstracts will be loaded as they become available.

Date/Time Speaker Title & Link to Abstract Venue Enquiries
2 May 17
Dr Gracy Yang, University of Sydney Business School

Corruption and Nascent Venture Creation Efforts in a Transition Economy: The Moderating Role of Social–cultural Climate

E4A 523Ammy Kwong
10 Apr 17
Professor Andrew Pendleton, Durham University Business School, UK The rise and fall of the listed company, and its implications for employment relationsE4A 623Ammy Kwong
1 Mar 17
Professor Julie Tinson, Stirling University, UK

Sport fandom and parenthood

E4A 623Ammy Kwong
15 Feb 17
Professor Chris Steyaert, St Gallen Univeristy, SwitzerlandBy accident and by design: Composing affective atmospheres in an urban art interventionE4A 623Ammy Kwong
1 Dec 16Dr Ralf Wilden, University of NewcastleThe evolution and prospects of service-dominant logic research: An investigation of past, present and future researchE4B 208Ammy Kwong
24 Nov 16
Dr Jun Yao,
University of Tasmania & Harmen Oppewal, Monash University
The Price-Size Comparison Effect: Consumers Are More Responsive When Packaged Products Differ in Size Than When They Differ in PriceE4A 623Ammy Kwong
26 Oct 16
Associate Professor Ross Gordon, MQ

Katherine Butler Project Manager MQ & MTTC, Indonesia
Energy+Illawarra: An interdisciplinary energy 
efficiency social marketing program
E4A 623Ammy Kwong
6 Oct 16
Professor Chris Warhurst University of WarwickRecognising and Responding to the Demands of Being an Early Career ResearcherC5A 401Ammy Kwong
5 Oct 16
Prof. Dr. habil. Anja Geigenm├╝ller
Head of the Department of Marketing
Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany
You can Do It! On the Relevance of Realistic Service PreviewsE4A 623Ammy Kwong
1 Sep 16
Professor Aron O’Cass,
University of Tasmania

r Vida Siahtiri

University of Tasmania
Advancing Professional Services Theory and Practice: Unlocking Service Solutions and Service Supply Chains in the Professional Service Sector

Transforming Brand Oriented People and Knowledge Oriented Processes into Superior Service Solution to build brand equity in Professional Service Firms
E4A 623Ammy Kwong
23 Aug 16
Professor Lata Dhir
S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai, India
Impact of Socio-Economic Changes on Organizational Commitment in the Indian Market E4A
Ammy Kwong
18 Aug 16
Associate Professor Hume Winzar Normative and Ipsative measurement: Why Likert Scales are bad and you should avoid them C5A 401 Ammy Kwong
14 July 16
Professor Juwei Zhang 
Institute of Population & Labour Economics, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Changing Demographics, Labour Income and Economic Growth in China C5A 401 Fei Guo
23 Mar 16
2- 3pm
Simone Brandon  (AANA)
& Marit Anderson 
Responsible Marketing Communications in the Digital Space E4A 623 Ammy Kwong
16 Feb 16
3.30- 5pm

Professor Martin Eisend

Humor in Advertising E4A 523 Ammy Kwong
17 Dec 15

Assistant Professor Joyce Koeman

Seminar for Ethnic Marketing from EU & Social Services E4A 523 Ammy Kwong
20 Oct 15

Professor Daniel Nyber

Corporations, Politics & Democracy: Corporate Political Activites as Processes of Corruption E4A 523 Ammy Kwong
13 Oct 15

Professor Farhat Yusuf

Changing alcohol consumption patterns in Australia: Evidence from the National Health Surveys of 2011 & 2011-12 W5C 303 Ammy Kwong
6 Oct 15

Dr Jane Qui (UNSW)

Strategies for theoretical advancement in organisational studies E4A 623 Ammy Kwong
29 Sep 15
Professor Scott Koslow Try To See It My Way: Two Examples of Eye Tracking in Consumer studies E4A 523 Ammy Kwong
8 Sep 15
Associate Professor Fei Guo Learning Experience & Labour Market Outcome of International Students in Australia E4A 523 Ammy Kwong
1 Sep 15
Dr Laknath Jayasinghe Methodology of Video Ethnography as a case study examining advertising viewing in the family home E4A 523 Ammy Kwong
25 Aug 15
Associate Professor Hume Winzar Why Likert Scales are bad and we should avoid them E4A 523 Ammy Kwong
18 Aug 15
Associate Professor Edward Wray-Bliss Photographs of business leaders in the popular press: visual constructions of a contradictory individualism E4A 523 Ammy Kwong
11 Aug 15
Professor Indre Maurer Dimensions of Inter-Organizational & Institutional-based trust and their joint efforts W5C 303 Ammy Kwong

Department Conferences

Date Conference Name Organiser Location
Nov 16

AAHANZBS Conference
Academic Association of Historians in Australian and New Zealand Business Schools

Dr Nikki Balnave Dunmore Lang
17 Dec 15 AIRAANZ Conference Dr Nikki Balnave
Associate Professor Louise Thornthwaite
11-12 Dec 15 Asia Pacific Journal of Management (APJM) Conference Associate Professor Yue Wang  MGSM, North Ryde
30 Nov -2 Dec 15 ACSCOS International Conference Professor Alison Pullen Dunmore Lang
30 Nov 15 Leaky Writing Workshop Professor Alison Pullen E6A 116
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