Our people

Our people


Head of Department

Professor Grant Michelson

Grant Michelson’s academic career includes positions at ECU in Perth, the Audencia Business School in France, and 12 years in the Business School at the University of Sydney. His areas of expertise include work, employment, corporate social responsibility and business ethics.

Nick Parr

Deputy Head of Department

Professor Nick Parr

Nick Parr is a widely published demographer who holds a PhD and MSc in Social Statistics from Southampton University in the UK, and a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics from Warwick University. He has taught at Macquarie University since 1992, and has been awarded for his teaching and research excellence.

Academic staff

Position Staff MemberE14B -159EmailPhoneLocation
Head of Department Prof
Grant Michelson
grant.michelson@mq.edu.au 4824 E4A 636
Professor - Department of Marketing and Management Prof 
Nick Parr
nick.parr@mq.edu.au 8570 E4A 626
Emeritus  Prof 
Farhat Yusuf
farhat.yusuf@mq.edu.au (02) 9114 1115
Off Campus
Professor Prof 
Alison Pullen 
alison.pullen@mq.edu.au 9034 E4A 644
Professor Prof
Anne Ross-Smith
anne.ross-smith@mq.edu.au 1149 E4A 715
Professor Prof 
David Rooney
david.rooney@mq.edu.au 8553 E4A 511
Professor Prof 
Fei Guo
fei.guo@mq.edu.au 8445 E4A 627
Professor Prof
Gayle Avery
gayle.avery@mgsm.mq.edu.au 9930 E12C 163
Professor Prof
Jaco Lok
jaco.lok@mgsm.edu.au  E14B 159
Professor Prof
Lucy Taksa
lucy.taksa@mq.edu.au 4811 E4A 708
Professor Prof
Masud Behnia
masud.behnia@mgsm.mq.edu.au 6865 E14B 253
Professor Prof
Norma Harrison
norma.harrison@mgsm.mq.edu.au 7800 E14B 256
Professor Prof
Richard Badham
richard.badham@mgsm.mq.edu.au 9021 E14B 252
Professor Prof
Rebecca  Mitchell
rebecca.mitchell@mq.edu.au 9008 E12C 193
Professor Prof
Robert Spillane
robert.spillane@mgsm.edu.au 8995 E14B 148
Professor Prof
Debbie Haski-Leventhal
debbie.haski-leventhal@mgsm.edu.au 7860 E14B - 145
Associate Professor   A/Prof 
Denise Jepsen
denise.jepsen@mq.edu.au 4805 E4A 641
Associate Professor   A/Prof 
Edward Wray-Bliss
edward.wray-bliss@mq.edu.au 6479 E4A 651
Associate Professor A/Prof 
Louise Thornthwaite
louise.thornthwaite@mq.edu.au 8489 E4A 628
Associate Professor A/Prof
Paul Nesbit
paul.nesbit@mgsm.mq.edu.au 9908 E14B 146
Associate Professor A/Prof
Patrick Garcia
patrick.garcia@mq.edu.au 9015 E12C 195
Associate Professor A/Prof
Steven Segal
steven.segal@mgsm.edu.au 9907 E14B 144
Associate Professor   A/Prof 
Yue Wang
yue.wang@mq.edu.au 8513 E4A 642
Associate Professor A/Prof
Anna Krzeminska
anna.krzeminska@mq.edu.au 9117  
Associate Professor A/Prof
Kyle Bruce
kyle.bruce@mgsm.edu.au 9099  
Senior Lecturer Dr
Alison Barnes
alison.barnes@mq.edu.au 1148 E4A 640A
Senior Lecturer Dr
Andrew Heys
andrew.heys@mgsm.mq.edu.au 9024 E14B 240
Senior Lecturer Dr
Erik Lundmark
erik.lundmark@mq.edu.au 8479 E4A 451
Senior Lecturer Dr
Junsong Bian
junsong.bian@mgsm.mq.edu.au 9013 E14B 241
Senior Lecturer Dr
Laramie Tolentino
laramie.tolentino@mq.edu.au 9116 E12C 194
Senior Lecturer Dr
Meena Chavan
meena.chavan@mq.edu.au 9026 E4A 625
Senior Lecturer Dr
Nikola Balnave
nikki.balnave@mq.edu.au 7278 E4A 509
Senior Lecturer Dr
Peter Shi
peter.shi@mgsm.mq.edu.au  E14B 164
Senior Lecturer Dr
Robert Jack
rob.jack@mq.edu.au 8463 E4A 643
Senior Lecturer Dr
Salut Muhidin
salut.muhidin@mq.edu.au   E4A 
Senior Lecturer Dr
Senia Kalfa
senia.kalfa@mq.edu.au 8458 E4A
Senior Lecturer Dr
Troy Sarina
troy.sarina@mq.edu.au   E4A
Senior Lecturer Dr
Candy (Ying) Lu
candy.lu@mq.edu.au 8518 E4A
Senior Lecturer Dr
Sarah Bankins
sarah.bankins@mq.edu.au 4773  
Senior Lecturer Dr
Miles Yang
miles.yang@mq.edu.au 7876  
Lecturer Dr
Gordon Brooks
gordon.brooks@mq.edu.au 7472 E4A 724
Lecturer Dr
Layla Branicki
layla.branicki@mq.edu.au 4851 E4A 520
Lecturer Dr
Mehrdokht Pournader
mehrdokht.pournader@mgsm.edu.au 7800 E14B 147
Lecturer Dr
Monica Ren
monica.ren@mq.edu.au 8504 E4A 522
Lecturer Dr
Murray Taylor
murray.taylor@mq.edu.au 4883 E4A 512
Lecturer and Scholarly Teaching Fellow Mrs
Deborah Howlett
deborah.howlett@mq.edu.au 4814 E4A 419
Lecturer and Scholarly Teaching Fellow Dr
Ekaterina Todarello
ekaterina.todarello@mq.edu.au 8990 E4A 652

Professional staff

PositionStaff Member Departmental AdministratorPhoneLocation
Senior Departmental Administrator Mrs Rebecca Young rebecca.young@mq.edu.au 8985 E4A 648E
Departmental Administrator Mr Darren Aitken  darren.aitken@mq.edu.au 8461 E4A 648F
Departmental Administrator Ms Carly McCabe


8468 E4A 648C
Departmental Administrator Dr Ammy Kwong On Secondment
Departmental Administrator Ms Irene Ng

On Secondment to the Department of Marketing  irene.ng@mq.edu.au

4823 E4A 648B
Departmental Administrator Ms Yang Yang  On Secondment
Teaching Assistant Ms Jacqueline Gorrick jackie.gorrick@mq.edu.au 4847 E4A 648H
Teaching Assistant Mr John Truong john.truong@mq.edu.au 1159 E4A 648A

PhD Students

NameEmail Address
Mrs Aayad Al Eidaayad.aleid@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Eias Al Humdaneias.alhumdan@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Muhammad Alammuhammad.alam@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Mohammed Almutairimohammed.almutairi@students.mq.edu.au
Mrs Faiza Asiffaiza.asif@students.mq.edu.au
Mrs Brenda Barugaharebrenda.barugahare@students.mq.edu.au
Mrs Olga Beliakolga.beliak@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Kate Boothkate.booth@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Antoinette Braksantoinette.braks@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Shenghan Caishenghan.cai@students.mq.edu.au
Mrs Alexandria Cantalialexandria.cantali@students.mq.edu.au
Mrs Ashna Chandraashna.chandra@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Amir Chiti Zadehamir.chitizadeh@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Lindie Clarklindie.clark@students.mq.edu.au
Miss Sheruni De Alwissheruni.dealwis@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Yuanyuan Duanyuanyuan.duan@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Marija Dumovicmarija.dumovic@students.mq.edu.au
Mrs Farah Fayyadfarah.fayyad@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Elizabeth Frinoelizabeth.frino@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Xueyuan Gaoxueyuan.gao@students.mq.edu.au
Miss Amrita Gautamamrita.gautam@students.mq.edu.au
Miss Elise Goiseauelise.goiseau@students.mq.edu.au
Miss Bichen Guanbichen.guan@students.mq.edu.au
Associate Professor Md. Rabiul Haquemd-rabiul.haque@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Sandra Hartlsandra.hartl@students.mq.edu.au
Miss Narelle Hessnarelle.hess@students.mq.edu.au
Mr William Hoveywilliam.hovey@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Guogui Huangguogui.huang@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Prashan Karunaratneprashan.karunaratne@students.mq.edu.au
Dr Jacqueline Kenneyjacqueline.kenney@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Luciane Laufferluciane.lauffer@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Ngoc Anh Phuong Leanhphuong.le@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Xiaoxuan Lixiaoxuan.li2@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Juhi Jennifer Macwanjuhi-jennifer.macwan@students.mq.edu.au
Miss Philippa Milnephilippa.vojnovic@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Michelle Muchatutamichelle.muchatuta@students.mq.edu.au
Miss Delaram Najmaei Lonbanidelaram.najmaei-lonbani@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Zahurul Quazizahurul.quazi@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Barry Rafebarry.rafe@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Muhammad Salehmuhammad.saleh@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Syed Waqas Shahsyed.shah2@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Dedi Muhammad Siddiqdedi-muhammad.siddiq@students.mq.edu.au
Mrs Katrina Skellernkatrina.skellern@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Crichton Smithcrichton.smith@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Matthew Sykesmatthew.sykes@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Mojdeh Tavanayanmojdeh.tavanayan@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Liza Tylliza.tyl@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Hao Wanghao.wang11@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Hasnain Zaheerhasnain.zaheer@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Yibing Zhangyibing.zhang@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Yashar Abedyashar.abed@students.mq.edu.au
Mrs Fariba Bagherzadehfariba.bagherzadeh@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Kit Ying Canie Chu Lokityingcanie.lo@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Jacqueline Dinklojacqueline.dinklo@students.mq.edu.au
Mrs Tatiana Donato Trevisantatiana.donato-trevisan@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Richard Greenrichard.green@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Zinnia Hashmizinnia.hashmi@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Eoin Higginseoin.higgins@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Theaanna Kiaostheaanna.kiaos@students.mq.edu.au
Miss Anne Mathesonanne.matheson@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Sher Azam Khan Momandsher-azam-khan.momand@students.mq.edu.au
Dr Carlos Raimundocarlos.raimundo@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Ross Reekieross.reekie@students.mq.edu.au
Ms Simran Talwarsimran.talwar@students.mq.edu.au
Miss Joanna Vogeleyjoanna.vogeley@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Christopher Walkerchristopher.walker5@students.mq.edu.au
Mr Robert Winterrobert.winter@students.mq.edu.au
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