Department Seminar Series - Mar 2017 Prof Julie Tinson

Department Seminar Series - Mar 2017 Prof Julie Tinson

Sport fandom and parenthood

Professor Julie Tinson

Stirling University, UK

Sport fandom is acknowledged as offering consumers the opportunity to differentially engage as well as co-create value through network interaction, enhancing social well-being and social integration. However, recent research indicates that sport fandom escalates or de-escalates over time with calls to examine the intersection of parenting and sport fandom. This research focuses on mothers and fathers and examines how their sport fandom intensifies or declines as a consequence of having and raising children. This research adds to our understanding of fandom by identifying when and under what circumstances sport fandom is a bonding or detaching experience for parents and the role it plays in socialization and consumer behaviour. The study adopts a multi-method interpretive qualitative approach, using in-depth interviews and an online discussion forum. The sampling frame consists of a total of thirty five parents using two stages of research (Stage 1 n=15, Stage 2 n=20). Participants are at varying stages of parenthood with single and mixed gender families. The study develops a typology of (de)escalating sport fandom during parenthood and differentiates between fandom as pertaining to an individual or social identity. Data also reveals varying dichotomies such as: excess and moderation, risk and reward, individual and shared behaviours (including customer-to-customer interaction) as well as perceptions of allegiance and disloyalty. Knowledge of parenting and sport fandom will assist managers in developing effective loyalty schemes and marketing packages and will offer an understanding of the temporal effect of having children on fandom.

Title: "Sport fandom and parenthood"
Presenter: Professor Julie Tinson, Stirling University, UK

Date:  Monday 1 March from 12 to 1pm
Venue:  Seminar room 623

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