Our research

Our research

Economics Research

Meaningful research which seeks to solve real economic problems is the foundation of the Department of Economics.

At the heart of this are our four research networks, namely the Research in the Economics of the Arts, Culture and Heritage (REACH) network, the Macroeconomics and Financial Stability (MAFS) research network, the Labour, Economic Advancement and Development (LEAD) network, and the Microeconomic Theory and Micro-econometrics (MTM) research network.

Led by highly experienced academics, each of these research hubs identifies economic problems and finds solutions to them.

By investigating these areas of interest the department has achieved an outstanding publishing record in top-tier journals, including International Economic Review, Oxford Journal of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Financial Economics, and Economic Modelling.

Through our research networks we focus on addressing some of the most challenging subjects of our time:

  • Designing financial markets that deliver financial and macroeconomic stability
  • Assisting regional developing nations to transition towards socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development paths
  • Envisioning the role of culture and cultural products in our economic thinking
  • Providing policy makers with the necessary tools to understand opportunities and trade-offs to enhance the welfare of societies

If you proceed through undergraduate to postgraduate research in our Masters programs and PhDs you will have the opportunity to join the ranks of our graduates who now work in government and private sector organisations around the world.

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